Hairstyle cowboy copper diy red hair cowgirl hair color - Garnier Hairstyle cowboy copper diy red hair cowgirl hair color - Garnier

Cowboy Copper is This Season’s Trending Shade

Ride ‘em Copper!

If you haven’t heard of the cowboy copper hair craze, you’re in for a fun ride. This chic warm shade has taken the fashion world by storm as one of the hottest fall hair trends of 2023. And now it’s easier than ever to show it off on your private runway, so saddle up and find out what all the fuss is about!

What Color is Cowboy Copper Hair?

Cowboy copper (or cowgirl copper hair, as some prefer) gets its name from hues of caramel leather (think Stetsons and chaps) that reveal the earthy undertones of red and brunette. It isn’t a true copper and it’s not actually brown: it’s a happy medium between these two tones with an accent on deep golden warmth.  

While your standard copper shades tend to lean towards brighter metallic accents, cowboy copper hair color is the perfect pivot point for both light and dark hair. Where super-popular red and orange can seem too drastic and high-maintenance, cowboy copper is juuuust right.

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The Origins of Cowboy Copper Hair

The cowboy copper hair trend is a spinoff of the Wild West undercurrents that recently hit the haute couture world. After celebrities and pop culture icons like Kendall Jenner, Sydney Sweeney, Sophie Turner and Megan Fox started clamoring for the cowboy copper look, it went viral on the socials and sparked a phenomenon.

Besides creating a luxurious vibe, cowboy copper hair dye is the product of a delicate balance in the salon mixing bowl. As its popularity soared, the allure of this fall aesthetic truly jibed with the current fashionscape that was craving easy and edgy with a soothing dose of nostalgia.

Getting Cowboy Copper Hair at Home

Most megatrends can eventually be created at home, and the cowboy copper hair color is no exception. Hair salons are always an option, but even pro stylists say you can do DIY cowboy copper hair coloring for much less. While a lot of online influencers say they have the best cowboy copper “recipe,” it really depends on two factors: the hair color you're starting with and your skin tone. 

You’re aiming for a warm vibrant copper hue (without any orange accents) that’s slightly heated up with a dash of red. Darker hair can use a lighter copper base and hair on the blonder side can begin with a darker copper. Then mix in a bit of blond or brown to dial up or down the warmth as needed. As for your skin tone, the rule of thumb is the lighter it is, the less obvious the red shade should be.

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The Care and Maintenance of Cowboy Copper Hair

The key to keeping cowboy copper hair vibrant is to regularly treat it with a haircare regimen containing color-friendly ingredients. Garnier Whole Blends offers a complete paraben-free system formulated with argan oil and cranberry that protects colored hair and enhances radiance. It includes color care shampoo, conditioner and a mask. Other products recommended for maintaining a healthy cowboy copper hue are part of the Fructis Color Shield family. Whatever hair product(s) you choose to care for your cowboy copper hair coloring, the emphasis is on deep hydration.

How ofter should one get Touch-ups?

Styling your Cowboy Copper Hair

Most of the beauties sporting the cowgirl copper hair look are showing off a tumbling mane of hair, from choppy and flowy to bangs and every type of curl. Braids and ponytails come in a not-so-distant second for showcasing this rich new color. And since cowboy copper is such a bright yet subdued fall shade, it seamlessly pairs with accessories and outfits on the warmer end of the color spectrum. To really accentuate your cowboy copper hair, go for scarves, jewelry, sweaters, coats, etc. in a similar temperature range.

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Take the Reins!

Now that you’re a buff on the charms of the top fall hair trend of 2023, you’re all set to give the cowboy copper hair look a whirl! This sumptuous shade is an excellent choice for any hair type, length and natural color. So don’t hesitate to try it out. Or why not set off into the wild blue yonder and experiment with other colors that are uniquely you? Two great places to start are our Shade Selector Quiz and Hair Color Virtual Try-On page. Giddy-up!