Time to Touch Up your Roots? We’ve Got You Covered.

Whether you have all-over color or highlights, learn how to cover roots like a pro with any of our permanent hair colors.

Root Touch-Ups 101


What To Use

You don’t need a special root touch up kit to cover root growth. Just apply your favorite permanent color! You’ll start by apply color only at your roots, let it develop for the time on your instruction sheet, then pull it through the rest of your hair to blend in and refresh your color.

When To Touch Up

Although everyone’s hair color grows out differently, here are some general touch-up rules to consider: For all-over color, touch up roots every 3-6 weeks. If you have highlights, touch up roots anywhere between 4-12 weeks depending on the effect you’re going for. Before you touch up, make sure to follow the instructions in the box.

Tips for Root Touch-Up



Use the Same Shade You Used Before

Cover new growth with the shade that matches the hair color you last applied.

Prevent Stained Skin with Petroleum Jelly

Before you apply color, trace your hairline and ears with the clear gel.


Prep with a Chopstick

Use a chopstick to easily and neatly divide your hair into sections before applying the color.