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Discover the difference oil-powered hair color makes. Olia is an ammonia free permanent hair color made with a 60% oil blend with natural flower oils to deliver brilliant color and visibly healthier hair that’s hydrated, silky, and up to 3x shinier*.

*than uncolored, unwashed hair

Discover why women love Olia

Hear from Olia Fan Noelle

Meet Noelle and see why Olia Hair Color is the key to her happy curls

Discover Noelle's story and how she got brilliant color and healthier looking curls with 60% oil-powered, 100% ammonia-free Olia permanent hair color.

Hear from Olia Fan Perri

Meet Perri and discover why she loves Olia Hair Color

Discover Perri's story and how she got bold, brilliant color to match her personality and healthier looking hair.

Hear from Olia Fan Mandita

Meet Mandita and discover how she uses oils to nourish gray hairs

Discover Mandita's story and how she got bold, brilliant color and healthier looking hair with 60% oil-powered, 100% ammonia-free Olia permanent hair color.

Olia Bold

Unlock the boldest you
Discover our newest Bold Collection.
Long-Lasting, fearless color.
No Ammonia. 60% Oils.

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Discover Olia's 36 Brilliant Shades.

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Olia 1.0 - Black

Olia 2.0 - Soft Black

2.10 Black Sapphire

Olia 2.11 - Platinum Black

2.26 Black Amethyst

Blonde Hair color

Olia 7.0 - Dark Blonde

Olia 8.0 - Medium Blonde

Olia 9.03 - Light Pearl Blonde

Olia 8 1/2.03 - Medium Pearl Blonde

Olia 9.0 - Light Blonde

Olia 9.3 - Light Golden Blonde

Olia 9 1/2.1 - Lightest Ash Blonde

Brown Shades

Olia 3.0 - Darkest Brown

Olia 3.11 - Darkest Platinum Brown

Olia 4.0 - Dark Brown

Olia 4.11 - Dark Platinum Brown

Olia 4.3 - Dark Golden Brown

Olia 5.0 - Medium Brown

Olia 5.03 - Medium Neutral Brown

Olia 5.3 - Medium Golden Brown

Olia 6.0 - Light Brown

Olia 6.03 - Light Neutral Brown

Olia 6.3 - Light Golden Brown

Olia 6 1/2.3 - Lightest Golden Brown


Olia 4.15 - Dark Soft Mahogany

Olia 4.35 - Dark Golden Mahogany

Olia 4.60 - Dark Intense Auburn

Olia 4.62 - Dark Garnet Red

Olia 5.60 - Medium Garnet Red

Olia 6.43 - Light Natural Auburn


Olia 3.60 - Darkest Red Rose

Olia 5.12 - Medium Royal Amethyst

Olia 6.60 - Light Intense Auburn

Olia 7.45 - Dark Fire Ruby

Olia 7.20 - Dark Rose Quartz

Olia 8.22 - Medium Rose Gold

Olia 4.10 - Dark Silver

Olia 10.11 - Lightest Silver Blonde

Discover Olia Ammonia-Free
Hair Color in Black Amethyst
and Black Sapphire.

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