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Discover the difference oil-powered hair color makes. Olia is an ammonia free permanent hair color made with a 60% oil blend with natural flower oils to deliver brilliant color and visibly healthier hair that’s hydrated, silky, and up to 3x shinier*.

*than uncolored, unwashed hair

Discover why women love Olia

Hear from Beauty Vlogger and Olia Fan Eman

Discover Why Beauty Vlogger Eman Raves About Olia Hair Color

Beauty vlogger Eman discovered vibrant color, great shine and healthier-looking hair with Olia's permanent hair color formula. Try it and see for yourself.

Discover why Perri loves olia hair color header
Discover why Perri loves olia hair color header

Hear from Olia Fan Perri

Meet Perri and discover why she loves Olia Hair Color

Discover Perri's story and how she got bold, brilliant color to match her personality and healthier looking hair.


olia brilliant color

Brilliant Long-Lasting Color

Olia provides 100% gray coverage in 31 brilliant shades that range from lustrous Blacks to luminous Blondes. Experience radiant, long-lasting color and beautiful shine.

olia 3x shine

Visibly Healthier Hair

The 60% oil blend formula with natural flower oils is a revolution in haircolor technology. Olia helps to reverse roughness and dullness, leaving hair more hydrated, silky soft, and up to 3X shinier than uncolored, unwashed hair.

Olia No Ammonia

Ammonia Free

With zero ammonia, Olia has a pleasant, floral fragrance as you apply.

olia 60% oils

60% Oils with Natural Flower Oils

Garnier Olia is unlike any other traditional haircolor. The unique, velvety, non-drip formula is made up of a 60% oil blend with natural flower oils from Sunflower, Meadowfoam, Passion Flower, and Camellia.

Discover Olia's 31 Brilliant Shades.

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Olia 1.0 - Black

Olia 2.0 - Soft Black

Olia 2.11 - Platinum Black

Blonde Hair color

Olia 7.0 - Dark Blonde

Olia 8.0 - Medium Blonde

Olia 9.03 - Light Pearl Blonde

Olia 8.0 - Medium Blonde

Olia 8 1/2.03 - Medium Pearl Blonde

Olia 9.0 - Light Blonde

Olia 9.3 - Light Golden Blonde

Olia 8.22 - Medium Rose Gold

Brown Shades

Olia 3.0 - Darkest Brown

Olia 3.11 - Darkest Platinum Brown

Olia 4.11 - Dark Platinum Brown

Olia 4.3 - Dark Golden Brown

Olia 5.0 - Medium Brown

Olia 4.0 - Dark Brown

Olia 5.03 - Medium Neutral Brown

Olia 5.3 - Medium Golden Brown

Olia 6.0 - Light Brown

Olia 6.03 - Light Neutral Brown

Olia 6.3 - Light Golden Brown


Olia 4.35 - Dark Golden Mahogany

Olia 4.15 - Dark Soft Mahogany

Olia 5.60 - Medium Garnet Red

Olia 4.35 - Dark Golden Mahogany

Olia 4.60 - Dark Intense Auburn

Olia 4.62 - Dark Garnet Red

Olia 6.43 - Light Natural Auburn

Olia 6.60 - Light Intense Auburn

Olia 3.60 - Darkest Red Rose

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How to Apply

Here are the steps if you have never colored your hair, your hair is colored but you want to go darker, you havent‘t colored in 3+ months, you just want to color your root regrowth or if you color every 4-6 weeks with the same shade or similar.

Step 1

Apply gloves, snap off tip and remove the cap of the Developer Bottle and add Colorant, and shake vigorously.

Step 2

For full head application:
Start applying at your roots, separating hair section by section.
Then, apply through lengths and ends ensuring hair is completely saturated.

For root touch-up:
Use bottle to separate hair section by section and apply to your new growth, starting at any resistant gray areas.

Step 3

For full head application:
Leave on roots for 20 minutes.
Apply remaining mixture throughout the lengths and ends.

For root touch-up:
Leave on roots for 20 minutes (30 minutes if your hair has resistant grays. 

Step 4

Before rinsing, massage your hair. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear.
Apply conditioner and leave on for 2-5 mins. before rinsing.

You can use remaining conditioner weekly until next coloring.