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Wholesome care for your hair. Every formula is carefully crafted with select ingredients and unique fragrances, blended into our nurturing and gentle formulas, which help illuminate, replenish or smoothe hair.

New Oat Delicacy Gentle Hair Care with Oat Milk and Rice Cream extracts

Soothes, hydrates, and protect.

New Maple Remedy Restoring Hair Care with Castor Oil and Maple extracts

Deeply nourishes, reinforces, and repairs damaged hair.

Whole Blends Promise

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Nourishing & Gentle

Every blend is crafted with carefully selected ingredients to be gentle for daily use and help restore the health and natural beauty of hair.

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Paraben-Free Formulas

All of our shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are free of these commonly used preservatives that can be potentially harmful to your hair.

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Sensorial Fragrances

From refreshing Green Tea to soothing Oat Milk, each of our blends has it’s own signature scent that transforms your shower experience.

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Sustainably Sourced

Select ingredients are purchased fairly and sustainably sourced to support local farmers and communities, and our bottles are made of recycled PET plastic.

Discover Your Blend

Gentle Hair Care

Hydrate even fine hair as you cleanse, condition and detangle your hair with our weightless formula blended with Oat Milk & Rice Cream extracts.

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gentle care hair care product line - whole blends

Restoring Hair Care

Deeply nourish, reinfoce and repair with our restoring formula enirched with Maple and castor oil extracts.

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restoring hair care product line - whole blends

Illuminating Hair Care

Reveal glowing, touchably silky hair with our moisturizing formula infused with Camellia Oil & sustainably-sourced Moroccan Argan oil extracts.

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illuminating hair care product line - whole blends

Replenishing Hair Care

Add softness and restore shine with our silicone-free formula infused with virgin-pressed Olive Oil from Italy and Olive Leaf extracts.

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replenishing hair care product line - whole blends

Repairing Hair Care

Strengthen and help heal damaged hair with our lush formula infused with honey, propolis and royal jelly extracts.

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repairing hair care product line - whole blends

Smoothing Hair Care

Tame frizz and flyaways with our velvety formula enriched with Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter extracts.

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smoothing hair care product line - whole blends

Nourishing Hair Care

Deeply nourish dry hair with our creamy formula infused with Avocado Oil and sustainably sourced Shea Butter extracts.

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nourishing hair care product line - whole blends

Hydrating Hair Care

Quench and soften dehydrated hair with our moisturizing formula enriched with Coconut Water and Vanilla Milk extracts.

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hydrating hair care product line - whole blends

Refreshing Hair Care

Revitalize hair with our shine-boosting formula infused with Green Apple and Green Tea extracts.

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refreshing hair care product line - whole blends

Color Care Hair Care

Protect color and reveal radiance with our formula infused with Argan Oil and Cranberry extracts.

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color care hair care product line - whole blends

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