Find Your New Hair Color Now with the Garnier Virtual Try-On Tool

Trying a new hair shade has never been easier! Have fun changing your hair color with our virtual try-on tool!

Upload a selfie or virtually try on the shade you like.

IMPORTANT: Like how this shade looks on you? Make sure it works with your hair. Take our 1-minute haircolor quiz to be certain.

Garnier Hair Color Virtual Try-On Tool

Try Before You Dye!

Feeling shade-curious? Garnier’s Virtual Hair Color Try-On Tool takes all the worry out of wondering how a different hair color will look. In just a few clicks, you can zero in on the perfect shade for a total hair makeover or a quick upgrade. Whether you have a buzz cut or ringlets down to your knees, this inclusive online hair color changer works on everyone–no matter your type of hair, length, or your gender.

Shade Selector Quiz

Shade Selector Quiz

Take our quiz to discover the perfect Garnier hair shades for you!