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We've got your blonde hair needs covered, from maintaining your color to covering grays to updating your blonde with a new seasonal shade.

Get expert advice and find the perfect formula and shade for your blonde hair color needs. Whether you want to update your tone to the latest trend, lighten your roots, or are looking for a product with 100% gray coverage, we've got what you need. Check out our Virtual Shade Selector to get personalized blonde shade recommendations based on your starting hair color and desired result. You can even try on your recommendations virtually before you buy!


When in doubt, the side panel of each Garnier Hair Color box shows results on a range of natural starting colors so you can visualize how your blonde will appear. If your natural shade is darker than the darkest recommended starting shade on the box, you can expect your blonde result to be darker and warmer than what is shown. You might want to select another blonde shade where your starting color is shown on the box’s side panel. 


Use the chart below to determine your starting shade and read on for tips on achieving a blonde result based on your natural color!

Hair color - Garnier

Have naturally light hair? If your natural hair color is light brown or lighter, you can use most of our permanent blonde shades without having to lighten with bleach. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme and Olia permanent blonde shades let you achieve results that are 1-2 levels lighter or darker than your natural hair color. However, Nutrisse 100, Nutrisse 111 Olia 8.0, Olia 9.0, and Olia 9 ½.1 can lighten natural hair up to 3 levels in one step. 

Have naturally brown hair but don’t want to bleach? If your natural hair color is light brown to dark brown, you can opt for a Nutrisse Ultra Color ultra high-lift blonde shade, which lightens natural hair up to 4 levels without bleach and deposits a beautiful blonde color in one step. Try our Nutrisse Ultra Color LB1: Ultra Light Cool Blonde and LB2: Ultra Light Natural Blonde for brilliant blonde results on all hair textures. Please note: You should not use high-lift blonde shades if your hair has been previously relaxed, bleached, or dyed dark blonde or darker.

Need to bleach naturally dark hair? If your natural hair color is dark brown or darkest brown, you may need to bleach your strands to get the blonde results you want. This bleaching process lifts the natural pigment from your hair, creating a light base in one step. Be patient! Make sure to follow the timing directions and perform a strand test before applying to your full head. Expert tip: Use Garnier Nutrisse Color Reviver Cool Blonde to nourish hair and neutralize unwanted brassiness after bleaching.

Try our Nutrisse Ultra Color PL1: Lightest Platinum (best for lightening natural hair between medium brown and medium blonde up to 7 levels) and PL2: Ultra Light Platinum (best for lightening natural hair between dark brown and light brown up to 8 levels) to lighten hair at home. 



Check out this video and learn how to bleach your hair at home like an expert.


Whether you're going blonde for the first time or are already blonde and want to update your shade, we've got everything you need to dye your hair at home. Check out our Shade Selector and read up on our expert tips to find the ideal blonde for your skin tone.

Shade Selector Quiz

Shade Selector Quiz

Take our quiz to discover the perfect Garnier hair shades for you!

Blonde Shades for Pale Skin - Garnier

The Best Blonde Shades for Pale Skin

The lighter and cooler your skin tone, the easier it is to rock an ultra-light blonde like beige, pearl, champagne and yes, platinum. For fair skin with peachy or yellow undertones, go for light warm blondes like ivory, butter or even strawberry. Light blondes require more maintenance, including regular deep conditioning treatments, but don't be afraid to flaunt your roots to add some drama to your look.

The Best Blonde Shades for Medium Skin

Medium skin tones can pull off nearly any blonde, whether a single all-over color or a blend of highlights. If you have warm or olive undertones, boost your natural radiance with golden, honey blonde shades. For rosy undertones, try a cool ash, latte or mushroom blonde. If your base color is brunette or darker, you'll need to bleach it first with Garnier's lightening kit to get the desired results.

Blonde Shades for Medium Skin - Garnier
Blonde Shades for Dark Skin - Garnier

The Best Blonde Shades for Dark Skin

In general, darker skin calls for deeper shades of blonde. Play up warm undertones with rich toffee, caramel and golden hues. If you have cool undertones, try a mocha or blonde shade. Balayage, highlights and ombrè are great ways to harmonize blonde hair with dark skin. If you're starting off with dark hair, you'll need to bleach it first with Garnier's lightening kit to get the desired results.

The Best Blonde Shades for Covering Grays

Blonde is amazing on graying hair because it adds dimension and blends with the natural highs and lows of your grays. To get the best coverage and blonde results on gray hair, we recommend blondes with natural, warm or golden tones. These shades help balance the coolness of your grays and add radiance to your overall look.

Blonde Shades for Covering Grays - Garnier

Maintaining Your Blonde

Keep your blonde looking fresh and vibrant with Garnier Nutrisse Color Reviver, our 5-minute color mask that instantly refreshes your tone while nourishing your hair. The Cool Blonde shade combats brassiness in ash and platinum blondes, while Golden Blonde revives warm blonde bases and adds gold tones to highlights.

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