We've Got Your Black Hair Color Needs Covered

Do you want to cover grays, touch up your roots, or give your natural shade a makeover with soft black, jet black or reflective blue black hair color? Use our Shade Selector to determine the best hue for you, and follow our colorist-approved tips to apply effortlessly at home.

Tips for Black Hair Color


Choose Oil-Infused Color

One of the most beautiful things about healthy black hair color is its signature, glossy shine. Whether you go with a soft tea-inspired shade or more reflective jet or blue black hair color, make sure your color is lustrous by choosing hair color formulas enriched with deep conditioning oils.


Stay True to Your Roots

If your natural hair color is starkly different from the shade of black you choose, you may need to touch-up your roots more often.

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Black Hair Color

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Nutrisse Ultra Color For the boldest color result

BL11 - Reflective Jet Blue Black

BL21 - Reflective Blue Black

Nutrisse Black Shades

Black 10 (Licorice)

11 - Blackest Black

12 - Natural Blue Black

Soft Black 20 (Black Tea)

22 - Intense Blue Black

Blueberry Jam 32, Intense Berry Black

Olia Black Shades

Olia 1.0 - Black

Olia 2.0 - Soft Black

Olia 2.11 - Platinum Black

Color Sensation Black Shades

Color Sensation 1.0 - Black

Color Sensation 1.1 - Natural Blue Black

Color Sensation 2.0 - Soft Black

Express Retouch Black Shades



Nutrisse Ultra Coverage For the most resistant gray

200 - Black Sesame

200 - Black Sesame

Everything You Need to Know About At-Home Hair Color

Whether you need help choosing the right shade, want to know how much time to budget or would like to learn how to make your color last, these tips and tricks can help. They simplify the process to make coloring hair at-home a breeze.