Type 2A – Loose Waves
Gentle “S” shapes that are flatter and fine in density stick close to your head.

Type 2B – Wavy Curls
“S” shaped waves that start at mid-length.

Type 2C – Defined Waves
Curls and waves have a coarse texture but don’t curl around themselves.

Woman with blonde, wavy hair laughs infront of a blue background and a chain link fence.
Woman with dark curly hair wearing a yellow flower-print shirt laughs while looking at the camera with a blue sky behind her.

Type 3A – Curly Loops

Has more of a “C” shape and begins to loop around itself and springs back into place when pulled.

Type 3B – Rounded Spirals
Smaller, more voluminous curls with a coarse, dense texture wrap around your head.

Type 3C – Curly Coils
Dense, coarse, tightly-packed corkscrews crowd around your head.

Type 4A – Coily Springs
Tight “S” shaped curls that are very tightly coiled and springy with lots of volume.

Type 4B – Tight Coils
Tight coiled curls bend into a “Z” shape with a zig-zag.

Type 4C – Zig-Zag Coils
Tightly kinked, hair is more fragile and the curl pattern is almost invisible to the naked eye.

Woman wearing a black and white striped shirt and two rings with coily hair pulls a single lock down in front of her on a teal background.

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