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Dying for a new, unexpected shade to switch up your look? Try the coolest hair color trends at ease and at home, with expert colorist tips and personalized recommendations from our Shade Selector.

Tips for Trendy Hair Color


indigo trendy hair tip


Natural brunettes (light and dark) have the color to best show off this deep, moody blue.


Natural dark Blondes and Brunettes with medium brown hair color have the best base for this fun shade inspired by the soft faded wash of a broken-in pair of jeans. 



Brunettes with virgin color that ranges from light to dark brown will shine most in this ultra-reflective shade. 

Trendy Hair Colors

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NUTRISSE ULTRA COLOR For the boldest color result

Sweet Grenadine M2

V2 - Dark Intense Violet

Matcha Latte EM1

TL1 - Teal Forest

DN1 - Light Cool Denim

IN1 - Dark Intense Indigo

Ultra Bold Lilac - L1

Color Sensation Trend Shades

Color Sensation 5.21 - Grape Expectations

Color Sensation 6.17 - Out of the Blue

Color Sensation 6.60 - Where There is Smoke

Color Sensation 7.26 - California Sunset

Color Sensation 8.10 - Head in the Clouds

Color Sensation 8.21 - Sweet Lavender Dreams

Color Sensation 9.20 - Smell the Roses

Olia Trend Shades

Olia 3.60 - Darkest Red Rose

Olia 5.12 - Medium Royal Amethyst

Olia 6.60 - Light Intense Auburn

Olia 7.20 - Dark Rose Quartz

Olia 7.45 - Dark Fire Ruby

Olia 8.22 - Medium Rose Gold

Everything You Need to Know About At-Home Hair Color

Whether you need help choosing the right shade, want to know how much time to budget or would like to learn how to make your color last, these tips and tricks can help. They simplify the process to make coloring hair at-home a breeze.