Whole Blends Drew Barrymore Ambassador promo


Drew Barrymore x Whole Blends

Back in August, during her #BeautyJunkieWeek series, Drew Barrymore shared her love for Whole Blends on Instagram by saying "I got this because my daughter's name is Olive. And it turns out that I am in love."

Turns out, Whole Blends fell in love too! This is why we are super excited to bring Drew on as our first ever Brand Ambassador and Creative Director!

Blended for Dry, Damaged Hair

We believe in the power of blends to provide nourishing care for your hair. Bringing lush Honey renowned for replenishment, together with Propolis & Royal Jelly, known to nourish and repair. As a Whole Blend, it strengthens hair and helps prevent split ends.

The Repairing Hair Care Regimen

Everything you need to complete your Repairing hair care routine.

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We Commit to Respect Bees

We are using sustainably sourced Honey & Beeswax that are obtained using traditional beekeeping methods, which respects bees & help maintain biodiversity.


Find Your Blend

Let us help you discover the perfect blend for your hair.