Try our new Miracle Nectar 10 in 1 leave in serum, for all hair types

84% saw less split ends


1. Repairs damage and prevents split ends
2. Tames frizz and flyaways
3. Reduces 50% of breakage and hair fall
4. Detangles and softens
5. Seals in moisture
6. Nourishes with weightless moisture
7. Restore the softness of brittle hair
8. Improves manageability and adds supple bounce
9. Protects against heat, up to 450
10. Instantly strengthens hair’s fiber for 24H

The Repairing Hair Care Regimen

Everything you need to complete your Repairing hair care routine.


Repairing Hair Mask Sample From Garnier Whole Blends

Try Honey Treasures Repairing hair care mask for healthier, stronger hair.

Find Your Blend

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Blended for Dry, Damaged Hair

We believe in the power of blends to provide nourishing care for your hair. Bringing lush Honey renowned for replenishment, together with Propolis & Royal Jelly, known to nourish and repair. As a Whole Blend, it strengthens hair and helps prevent split ends.

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