The Best Shades for Bold Hair Color The Best Shades for Bold Hair Color

Bold hair color ideas

Want to turn heads everywhere you go and get a serious boost of confidence? Bold hair color can change up your hair look — not to mention your mood — instantly. Bold color is more than just a hair statement. With all the hair color shades available today, it’s a true creative opportunity that lets you express your personality in a way that you can appreciate every day. Let’s take a look at a few of the most exciting new hair colors currently on the market.

Denim Blue Hair Color


More low-key and understated than say, neon pink, denim is a gorgeous bold shade that's quickly gaining popularity. Denim blue hair is basically the same shade as your favorite pair of jeans, and just as faded and relaxed. Since the fade is part of the look, it can also be a bit easier to maintain than brighter, more saturated hues. A couple of fantastic benefits of a denim blue hair color are that it works well on a wide variety of skin tones and, just like your blue jeans, looks great with most of your outfits.

Unless your hair is light brown or lighter, getting a denim blue hair color shade will require bleaching prior to coloring hair. If you do need to bleach, Patricia Slattery, Assistant Vice President of Hair Color Education, Training & Testing at L’Oreal, recommends waiting at least two weeks in between bleaching and dyeing to allow for your hair’s natural oils to replenish.

Violet Red Hair Color


Auburn red has traditionally been the gateway to going bold. Burgundy and violet hair shades have become the natural next step for a more vibrant version of red. Eye-catching and edgy, violet hair can be fairy-like or punky, depending on the shade you choose.

“This vibrant shade is a simple, all-in-one step process!” says Patricia Slattery, Assistant Vice President of Hair Color Education, Training & Testing at L’Oreal. A high-power hair color like violet is typically more flattering on cooler skin tones.

Indigo Hair Color


Indigo blue hair color is all the rage among celebrities and influencers. A deeper shade than denim, indigo is a beautiful deep blue that works regardless of your natural hair color.

Indigo creates a unique and pretty effect. It's more subtle than many other bold hues, which may mean this blue hair color shade works best for those of us who work in more traditional office settings. That doesn’t mean it’s boring: Indigo blue hair color will turn heads in sunlight or under bright lights. As a deeper shade, it looks great with most skin tones and a wide range of colors in your wardrobe.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color


True platinum bleach blonde hair is simultaneously a timeless and trendy look. Bleached hair will appear cool and extreme with high-shine intensity when maintained with an anti-brass conditioner.

With a platinum blonde hair color, be prepared to make a bold statement when you walk into a room. As you may have guessed, this icy shade is best suited for cooler skin tones.

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