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Brighten Your Look: Go Bronde

Bronde is an ideal shimmery summer hair color choice for those looking to add a little extra depth and glow to their existing hair hue!

What is Bronde Hair?

"Bronde" is kind of what it sounds like: a look that is somewhere between brown and blonde! Going bronde allows you to add edge and brightness to the natural color of your hair, providing a sun-kissed, nuanced dimension to your 'do.

How Do I Go Bronde?

To create this fresh, radiant effect, start by choosing a blonde hair dye that will complement your natural skin tone and won't create too dramatic of a contrast to your natural hair. Start with dry, detangled hair and section it, leaving the bottom layer free and pinning the rest out of the way. Completely saturating your hair with the dye, starting 2-3 inches from the roots. Do the same on the upper layers, releasing your hair from the clip as you go. After the instructed processing time, rinse and condition your hair. Then it's time to dry, style, and enjoy your new bronde hair look!

Should I Go Bronde?

Absolutely! While it tends to work best for natural brunettes who want to incorporate lighter hair color shades, bronde is a great choice for almost anyone. Bronde hair is an especially great choice for ladies with darker skin tones who know going full-on blonde may not be the most flattering choice for their complexion. The honey-toned shades of a bronde dye job really bring out the warmth of darker skin tones without creating too striking of a contrast.

Are you contemplating dying your hair for the first time? Or perhaps you're feeling reluctant to part completely with your natural color? Bronde is a great option because the depth of color it creates looks extraordinarily natural and really works more to emphasize rather than mask your beautiful natural color. You'll add dimension to your natural look without having to commit to something too bold for your taste. It's also a great opportunity to explore the way a lighter shade looks on you without fully committing!

How To Care For Bronde Hair?

Worried about caring for a high-maintenance dye job? One of the best things about bronde hair is that it grows out very naturally so if you can't (or won't) spend time coloring your hair often, this is a great choice for you. But just because bronde hair doesn't require too many touch-ups doesn't mean you shouldn't invest in a few well-chosen hair products to help your locks look their best. Be sure to treat your hair gently with a system of color-safe shampoo and conditioner to protect the hues from bleaching or fading. The warmth of bronde hair is especially accentuated by loose, carefree waves, so get acquainted with your texture spray: it should become an integral part of your beauty routine. Remember to go easy on the heat, air dry when possible and treat your locks to a nourishing hair mask every now and then.

Be Bold: Own That Ombre Hair Color

If you're looking to make a bold statement without losing any length, switch out your yearly summer haircut for a coloring job and try ombre!

What Is Ombre Hair?

Ombre hair is a bold, beautiful look that basically allows you to rock two hair colors at the same time! The ombre look is darkest at the roots and lightest from the mid-length to the tips. It's a dramatic look that can create a new dimension in your hair, flattering your natural features and lending you an aura of high fashion. The best part is that ombre hair is a super low-maintenance look that won't require a lot of upkeep on your part!

How To Ombre Hair?

The ombre effect is achieved by dying only the lower portion of your locks. Start with dry, detangled hair and section it so that it's easier to manage. Starting with the bottom layer, decide where you want the ombre effect to begin. Keep in mind starting it too high may just look like you haven't taken care of your roots in a while! It's a delicate balance, but generally the area between your cheekbone and your jawline is a good place to start the fade to a lighter hue. Brush the color through each section of hair, being sure to completely saturate it. Let down one layer at a time, completely saturating before moving on to the next. When you've finished, set a timer for the recommended processing time. At the end of the timer, check your hair color. Rinse and condition your hair, then dry and style, and enjoy your bold new ombre hair look!

Should I Go Ombre?

If you're looking for a daring new hairstyle that will really pop out at passersby, then ombre is definitely for you. Because ombre hair naturally incorporates a dramatic gradation, it's super easy to maintain. You can let it grow out for months at a time without the need to touch up roots like you would need to do with other types of dye jobs. The only thing you might consider is brightening up the tips now and then. The best part is that whenever you get tired of your graphic ombre look, you can just color back to your darker natural base or lop off the ends and be back to your natural hair color in no time.

How To Care For Ombre Hair

It's important to use a system of color care shampoo and conditioner. Try and limit the number of times per week that you wash your hair in order to avoid having the color fade. A hydrating conditioner can help prevent the ends from getting too brittle: be sure to be liberal with your use on the ends and leave it on for a few extra minutes before you wash it out. As with most dye jobs, it's important to limit your exposure to sun, chlorine and other agents that can turn your hair brassy.

Soften Your Locks With Sombre

If you're looking to upgrade your look with a style that can lift anyone's hair and add a dimensional result that flatters your natural features, try sombre: ombre's softer, subtler cousin.

What Is Sombre Hair?

Sombre is an evolution of the popular ombre hair technique, as you may have guessed by the name (it means "soft ombre"). Similarly to ombre, sombre involves a gradient shift in your hair color, generally starting dark at the roots and gradually becoming lighter towards the tips. What distinguishes this technique from ombre is its subtlety. A color contrast is still present, but the effect is much less dramatic than that of ombre.

How To Sombre Hair?

To achieve the sombre hair look at home, choose a hair dye that is only slightly lighter than your natural shade. Section your hair so that only the bottom layer hangs around your neck, and pin the extra out of the way. Now, decide where your sombre effect will start and begin to brush the color through the desired area, releasing and coloring each layer of your hair as you go. You don't need to color all of your hair; leaving strands of your natural darker color will add dimension to the final look. Be sure to lighten some strands around your face for a natural, framing effect.

Should I Go Sombre?

If you're looking for a change in your hairstyle but would prefer to avoid anything too bold, sombre is absolutely for you. With soft, understated highlights, sombre hair is an extremely natural look that looks great on anyone and organically complements your features. There are no limitations to the hair color combinations you can experiment with. One of the most common combinations is a gentle fade that begins brunette and lightens as blonde highlights are added. You can choose your sombre hues to be more natural like this, but be creative! Unusual combinations can also create a very striking yet subtle look.

Sombre is a great choice for anyone who doesn't have much time to color their hair or wants a very easy, low-maintenance hair color. Once you have your hair colored in the sombre style, there's no need to return to touch up roots, since the transition in color is already so natural and gradual! Just let it grow out as long as you like before returning to touch up your color.

How To Care For Sombre Hair

Treat your sombre look as you would any colored hair. Be sure to use a system of color care shampoo and conditioner to help prevent your hair colors from going brassy or fading too soon. It's also a good idea to avoid hot water when you shower, as it tends to be harsh on colored hair. Cool or cold water can keep your color fresh and sharp! As you know, color-treated hair can also be susceptible to drying out, so it's important to keep your locks well-nourished and hydrated. Invest in a good color care conditioner and use it liberally, especially on the tips of your hair where more color has been painted in. Leave conditioner in for a few minutes before rinsing to allow it to be absorbed. A weekly hair mask is another great way to provide hydrating nourishment to your strands. Be limited in your use of heat tools such as curling irons and blow dryers, and always be careful with exposure to the sun, chlorine and other hair damaging elements.

Emulate the A-Listers with Beautiful Balayage

Balayage is all the rage among celebs with its rich, warm tones and soft, subtle, yet stunning highlights. If you're in the market to revamp your look with something striking and yet natural, balayage is a great bet!

What Is Balayage?

Balayage mixes the effects of ombre and hand-painted highlighting technique for a customizable effect that amplifies your sun-kissed hair look. While there is still a transitional effect with locks fading to a lighter color towards the tips of your hair, this is achieved through the application of hand-painted highlights that allow strands of your darker natural hair to mingle with the lighter strands, giving your color a very natural, got-it-on-vacation appearance. The overall effect is one of sunny vivacity that flatters your natural features and creates an enchanting dimensional result.

How To Balayage Hair?

The word "balayage" is derived from the French verb balayer, meaning "to sweep." If you've ever seen balayage done in person, you can probably guess how it got its name! Balayage is applied through a freehand painting technique in which sections of hair are separated and brushed with color, starting light towards the top and saturating the strands more fully towards the bottom to create very natural highlights. Because balayage is intended to be a very blended, organic look, this hand-painted highlighting technique works well to ensure random highlights of different sizes. The point is to look like you got your warm, sunny hair color just by hanging out on the beach! To achieve this look in your own home, section dry and detangled hair off so that you can easily access the bottom layer. Decide where you want the ombre effect to begin and brush the color through your hair, fully saturating the locks. Do the same with the next layer. For the upper layers of your hair, you will want to create more of a highlighting effect. To do this, brush the color only through sections of your hair, leaving space between so that your natural hair color comes through. After the recommended processing time, rinse your hair, condition it, and dry and style to enjoy the finished effect of your beautiful balayage look!

Should I Get Balayage?

Is it even a question? Just flip through the latest pictures of girls sporting balayage hair on social media and we guarantee you'll be hooked. The warm, effortless waterfall of a well-done balayage is gorgeous, and there's no doubt about it. Whatever natural hair color you're working with, balayage is guaranteed to flatter your features and provide you with an aura of breezy fashion.

If you tend to procrastinate on re-coloring your hair, balayage is a great option for you since it's so natural! As it grows out, those organic highlights will act just the same as natural summer highlights when winter arrives. The hand-painted technique used in balayage application ensures that there are no obvious regrowth lines. Of course, the finished effect is so beautiful you may find yourself eager to keep your look fresh with frequent touch-ups!

How To Maintain a Balayage?

Like any kind of hair dye, thoughtful and careful treatment will ensure that your look remains as warm, rich and bright as it was on the day you got up from your colorist's chair. Invest in a system of color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to help prevent colors from fading too soon, and be sure to apply a deep conditioner and allow it several minutes to work its magic before rinsing out. The regular application of hair masks is another great way to add nutrition and hydration to your locks and keep them looking luscious.

4 Low-Maintenance Ways To Add New Dimension To Your Hair Color And Follow The Latest Hair Trends

When it comes to hair color styles, the ideal we all aspire to is something that looks fantastic and fashionable yet is simultaneously forgiving: i.e., requiring very little maintenance on our part. Luckily for you, the color fashions of today all fit squarely in that category! Because the bronde, ombre, sombre and balayage hair trends all incorporate a natural blending of colors, it's no problem to let weeks and even months pass in between one application and the next. These four hair styles are all amazing ways to add dimension to your look and emphasize your natural beauty with elegantly incorporated color.

1. Bronde Hair

As you may have guessed, the bronde look is a cross between brunette and blonde. A great option for natural brunettes looking to lighten up their hair, this effect incorporates a broad gradient of warm honey and gold tones to create a very natural, sun-splashed effect. For those who are hesitant to try something bolder, this is a great way to add new radiance to your look while still maintaining a natural feel.

2. Ombre Hair

Sometimes, you're looking to make a really dramatic statement with your hair, and if that's your goal, ombre is a fantastic option. The ombre style starts dark at the roots and boldly transitions into a lighter color along the shaft and towards the tips. This graphic look brings high fashion to your everyday look, no matter what you're wearing! Bonus points: it's super easy to maintain as your hair grows out.

3. Sombre Hair

If the color shift of ombre really speaks to you, but you're not interested in anything too in your face, try ombre's softer relative, sombre. The sombre effect still starts dark and ends light along the hair shaft, but the change in gradient is far subtler and comes off as a much more natural look. The understated, gentle fade of the sombre effect leaves your look on trend without forcing you to commit to anything too dramatic for your tastes.

4. Balayage Hair

Mixing both ombre and highlights, the balayage effect gives you that sun kissed hair look that we dream we were born with. It is a hand painted highlighting technique that creates a soft, yet noticeable difference that is natural-looking with minimal regrowth lines to avoid regular maintenance. It can lift anyone’s hair by giving it a dimensional, natural glow.

How To Take Care Of Your New Hair Color

While all of these hair coloring techniques are well-blended and therefore super easy to maintain, any hair color will require some basic upkeep. Stick to a system of color care shampoo and conditioner to help protect your hair color and prevent it from fading too soon and go easy on the hot water. The same goes for curling irons, straighteners and hair dryers - use them sparingly to prevent your hair from drying out and becoming brittle. A great way to combat dehydrated hair is liberally applying conditioner and the frequent use of hydrating hair masks to restore moisture. Finally, be wary of your exposure to sunlight, chlorine and other elements that can cause unwanted discoloration or fading.