Garnier Hair Color Example woman with Buttery Blonde Straight Hair Garnier Hair Color Example woman with Buttery Blonde Straight Hair

The hair color trend women are just melting for: buttery blonde

The buttery blonde hair color trend has taken Hollywood by storm. Celebs and Hollywood A-Listers were early adopters of the new color trend, and many at-home colorists are searching out the shade for themselves. Whether you’re wearing your buttery blonde in a defined pixie cut, waves, or curls, the rich color adds a new depth to the hair. It stands apart from other blonde trends, like strawberry or sandstone, with its sunny, radiant look.

What Sets Buttery Blondes Apart

New buttery blonde hues are especially popular, and though the colors were once confined to salons, they are now achievable at home.

Buttery blonde hues give hair a healthy, sunny look, which emphasize the wearer's natural beauty. Buttery blondes look effortlessly extroverted, with the enthusiasm and lust for life that can come from an exciting new hair shade. Even better, it compliments all skin tones. Traditionally dark-haired beauties are lightening their locks to embrace buttery blonde looks. Each of these changes transformed the wearer's appearance giving her a distinct, sophisticated, and refined look.

How to Wear Buttery Blonde Hair

For a sleek, edgy look, look reminiscent of what you’d see on the red carpet, try out a sassy, defined long bob to showcase the warm of a buttery hue. For a flirtier look, we love brushed out waves, which give buttery locks a casual, touchable vibe. Buttery blondes also look great in a sophisticated top knot.

What to Wear With Buttery Blonde Hair

Once you have decided to take the plunge, you'll need to think about what to wear. Bright colors with warmer hues are most flattering to those who sport buttery blonde hairstyles. Try a slinky tangerine to set off the brightness in your hair, or a statement necklace for a complementary pop of color. Black and dark silver can also enhance your look. The contrast between these dark colors and the shimmer of a buttery blonde can give you an edgy look. For a softer look, go for more neutral colors like browns and golds. These can bring out the subtle, honey highlights of buttery blonde dos.