Curly Hair with bangs Garnier Curly Hair with bangs Garnier

Why You Should Love Curly Hair Bangs

Thinking about rocking your naturally curly hair with bangs? Maybe you’ve always thought ringlets are so unruly that bangs with curly hair are too high-maintenance. Before you shy away from a fabulous fringe, consider the many benefits and trendy styles of curly hair with bangs.

Curly hairstyles

Whether you want short, shoulder-length or long curly hair with bangs, curtain bangs do wonders – as long as there’s room for shrinkage. Wavy Type 2 curly hair is more versatile but finer, so your bang style should include enough hair. Choose heavier bangs for coarser Type 3 curls, and cut them dry. Bangs on kinky/coily Type 4 curls do best when they have ample room to roam.

Choose the right curly bangs style

Bangs on any type of hair need some maintenance, but mostly you want the best style for the length you choose. There are dozens of chic modern looks for curly hair with bangs, and even some vintage ‘dos are back in fashion. 
Whichever style you want for curly hair bangs, stay in control with moisture-rich yet lightweight curl-holding products. And always remember to pair your haircare to your type of curl. Here are some of the hottest new ways to style bangs for curly hair based on your curl type or pattern.
Wavy Hair Bangs Garnier

Type 2: Wavy

Wavy hair craves a lightweight softener like Curl Treat Smoothie
1. Wispy bangs with natural texture or straightened
2. Long bangs parted down the middle
3. Shaggy: bouncy and full
4. Loose beach bangs

Type 3: Curly

This type of hair needs a styler that defrizzes and hydrates like Curl Treat Jelly
1. Messy layered bangs
2. Curtain bangs for curly hair 
3. Straightened bangs
4. Microbangs

Curly Hair Bangs Garnier
Coily Hair Bangs Garnier

Type 4: Coily

Kinky coils demand the deep moisture of Curl Treat Butter
1. Retro finger-set curls
2. All-over spirals
3. Pinned-up ringlets
4. Curly with straight bangs for head-turning contrast

Styling bangs with curly hair

When comes to styling your curls, Garnier Fructis has a wide range of haircare products specially formulated for curls like Curl Stretch Pudding to prevent shrinkage and Curl Refresher Spray to tone down the frizzies. You can also define your waves with Curl Construct Creation Mousse or give them a boost with Curl Shape Defining Spray Gel.

Any time your curly bangs need a pick-me-up in the AM, relax them with some Loosening Pudding or spring them back to life with a little Reactivating Milk Spray.

Maintaining curly bangs

Less is more when washing curly hair, but any curly hair routine starts with Curl Nourish shampoo and conditioner. While air-drying is best, attach a diffuser when using a hair dryer. Half the battle of curly hair with bangs (and layers) is fought in bed to ward off crooked morning curls. Try a silk pillowcase or hair plopping with a silky bonnet. Curl Scrunch Controlling Gel is also a great ally.

When it comes to maintaining your cute curly bangs, we've got all your needs covered! Garnier can teach anyone with curls what they need to know, from how to get the softest curls to mastering detangling techniques with oil treatments.