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What are the ingredients in micellar water?

Micellar water is awesome in several ways. Firstly it is compatible for all skin types as an everyday cleanser. Secondly it takes off all traces of make up or residue from your face gently without dehydrating your skin. Lastly it’s super portable and you can easily take it traveling with you, making skin care around the world easy and quick. But what exactly makes micellar water one of the best facial cleansers out there? Find out how its main ingredient, micelles, cleanse your skin so perfectly.

Get To Know Micelles

Micellar water first came into existence as a substitute to water in skin care. Parisian water was considered to have a negative effect on skin that could cause dryness and potential blemishes. Micellar water was hence developed as a substitute to the harsh water to remove all traces of make up, sweat, oil and dirt without rinsing.

The main component of micellar water are micelles, which are tiny lipid cleansing molecules suspended in water. These particles have the ability to attract oil particles and lift them off of skin, like a magnet. Micelles are extremely thorough and can remove long-lasting make up such as waterproof mascara or kiss-proof lipstick.

Ease Of Use

What makes micellar water great aside from its deep cleansing qualities is that it’s super easy to use. Just pour the solution onto two cotton pads and press the pads gently over your skin to remove make up and residue. Micellar water makes cleansing after a long day super easy. It’s also extremely effective in situations where you don’t have access to water but still need to clean your skin.

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