Micellar water vs toner Garnier Micellar water vs toner Garnier

Micellar Water vs Toners and Cleansers – Which One Should You Be Using?

Below we lay out the differences between the benefits of toners, cleansers and micellar water so you can decide which is best for you and your skin needs.

What is a Toner?

Simply put, toner is a water-based skincare essential that cleanses and refreshes the skin. It is meant to prep the skin for the more heavy-duty stuff that you may apply. Think of it as the primer of your skincare routine.

What is a toner Garnier

Pros of a Toner

- Refreshes skin without stripping it of its natural moisture
- Gentle enough for most skin types
- Prepares skin to drink up post-cleansing moisturizer

Cons of a Toner

- Toners can contain alcohol, which might affect those with sensitive skin
- If used too regularly, it can cause skin irritation, dryness, and redness

So, what’s the verdict on toners? Everyone’s skin is different, but a toner could be the source of what is irritating your skin every now and then after you cleanse.

What is a Cleanser?

Getting rid of impurities on your face is definitely something you should be practicing regularly to keep your skin looking and feeling as healthy as possible.

Pros of a Cleanser

- Clears any buildup like makeup, sunscreen, oil, and impurities for healthier and smoother skin
- By sweeping away dead surface skin cells, it ensures more radiant-looking skin
- Cleansers are available for a variety of skin types

Cons of a Cleanser

- Some facial cleansers can be too harsh or stripping, which can break down your skin’s natural protective barrier
- Can be too drying on skin
- Contains more surfactants, require rinsing, and can strip natural oils

What is a cleanser Garnier
Cleansers should definitely be a part of your daily skincare routine. Just make sure you find one that’s not too harsh or drying on your skin.

Micellar Water: A 4-in-1 Skin Care Must-Have

Ever since micellar water finally hit our shores a few years ago, some nagging questions have persisted about this versatile French beauty wonder: Can micellar water be used as a toner? Can I use micellar water as a cleanser? First, micellar water benefits are superior for many reasons, most notably for its no rinse, all-in-1 formula that cuts down on steps in your skincare routine – without sacrificing the efficacy. But, is micellar water a toner or a cleanser?

Both! It’s also a makeup remover, and so much more. In fact, Garnier micellar cleansing waters address individual skincare needs with powerful ingredients like charcoal, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C.
What is a micellar water Garnier

Pros of Micellar Water

- You can use micellar water as a cleanser, makeup remover, and toner
- It’s gentle on skin and can replace makeup removers that require harsh rubbing
- Micellar water can also act as a skin refresher

Cons of Micellar Water

- You won't be reaching for single-function products in your skincare routine anymore

As for applying micellar water, help keep disposable applicators out of landfills by choosing reusable eco-pads.
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