Haircare ingredient biotin B7 benefits hair growth - Garnier Haircare ingredient biotin B7 benefits hair growth - Garnier

The Benefits of Biotin for Hair

You may have been hearing more lately about a haircare ingredient called biotin for hair growth. Many health and beauty brands have begun adding it to shampoos, conditioners, stylers and leave-in treatments. If you haven’t tried it, you’re probably wondering “What does biotin do, exactly?” or “What are the benefits of biotin?” Let’s start by looking at what this hair supplement is.

What is Biotin?

Like the majority of fortifying beauty ingredients, biotin occurs naturally in the body, and we also get it from foods like eggs, nuts and red meat. Technically, it’s a water-soluble B vitamin (B7, which is also called vitamin H) that can either be taken as a dietary supplement in capsule form or added to haircare products. It is known to synthesize protein and encourage the production of keratin, which is a vital building block of our hair follicles. So, when you see haircare products like biotin shampoo for hair growth or biotin oil for hair, you know they contain a natural topical enhancement that contributes to healthier locks.

Hair growth ingredient vitamin B7 keratin benefits shampoo - Garnier

The Best Biotin Haircare

Using biotin for hair growth, shine, volume and health could not be any easier! Garnier recognized long ago that biotin benefits hair, so it’s been adding this strengthening ingredient to a wide range of haircare products. In fact, it has formulated a complete haircare system for fine hair that features biotin as the main attraction.

The Fructis Grow Strong Thickening haircare line contains biotin and blood orange extract that add fullness without weighing down your hair – just what anyone with thinning or fine hair needs. It’s a targeted trio that starts with the Grow Strong Thickening Shampoo to cleanse and add body. Next comes Grow Strong Thickening Conditioner to smooth and thicken for up to 72 hours of volume and shine. Then, the Grow Strong Thickening 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray seals the deal after your shower for a healthy dose of style and lasting care.

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On days when you don’t have time to shower or just need a volume lift between shampoos, the best biotin-rich solution is Beach Tonic Invisible Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo texturizes and adds body while also absorbing excess oil, so it’s perfect for on-the-go adventures like weekend getaways and camping trips!