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5 Causes of Dry Hair and How to Treat Dry Hair

When your hair is lifeless, your self-image suffers. Here are five common causes of dry, damaged hair and some effective dry hair treatments for soft nourished tresses.

How to know if you have dry hair

So, what does dry hair look like? Comparable to anything that lacks moisture, dehydrated hair has lost its shine and appears dull, brittle and frizzy. Dry hair symptoms also include an itchy flaky scalp that can’t produce natural hair oils. Other visible signs of dry damaged hair are split-ends, flyaways and breakage.

What causes dry hair?


What causes dry hair - Garnier

1. Hot Styling Tools
One of the major causes of dry hair is too much heat, which strips hair of its natural moisture.

2. The Wrong Hair Care Products
Using hair care products not formulated for your hair type is another leading dry hair cause.

3. Too Many Washes and Processes
Washing your hair too often can also remove natural oils resulting in dehydrated hair. Harsh chemicals in most hair dyes and bleaches are yet more culprits that require dry hair repair.

4. Age
Natural oils in the hair gets scarcer as you age, plus hormonal changes can cause dry hair.

5. Environmental Conditions
Overexposure to the sun, extreme heat and cold, and low humidity can all cause dry hair symptoms.