Garnier Hair Color Example Long Purple Hair - Purple Hair Dye Garnier Hair Color Example Long Purple Hair - Purple Hair Dye

11 shades of purple hair color

Purple hair color is everywhere, from our social media feeds to the high fashion runways. This hair trend is as unique as the rainbow it draws its inspiration from. The many shades of purple hair color mean you can do everything from embrace your inner rock star to vividly cover up gray hair. Ahead, the many options for purple hair color.

Lilac Hair Color

This gentle purple hair shade evokes a sweet spring flower. Perfect for anyone transitioning from gray of pastel hair color, this light purple hair color shade can even be workplace-appropriate. The hair color pops even more on anyone with a fair complexion and light eyes.


Pastel Purple Hair Color

One of the most of-the-moment purple hair color shades, pastel purple is a subtle take on the color. Blonde or even white hair may peek through underneath this super-light hair color shade. Accentuate the softness with baby pink lips and creamy peach blush.


Lavender Hair Color

Lavender hair color has tones of blue and purple the color of a sprig of soothing lavender. A light yet energizing hair color, opt for lavender if you like to stand out — and if you have plenty of silver jewelry to accessorize it with.


Mauve Hair Color

A deep hair color with notes of gray and brown, mauve is purple hair color’s stately older sister. Opt for this shade if you want a “mature” rainbow hair color, and make sure to complete the look with brown mascara and eyeliner and nude lipsticks in your beauty routine.

Amethyst Hair Color

This gem-colored purple hair color shade has all the shine and richness of one of our favorite birthstones. It works well on natural brunettes, who can transition well to this deep purple. Follow it up with shimmery blushes and metallic lips to complete the luminescent quality of amethyst.


DIY at home Hair Color: Garnier Olia Bold 5.12 - Medium Royal Amethyst


Smokey Purple Hair Color

This purple hair color shade is purposefully mixed alongside grays and blacks for a dark, almost natural-looking version of rainbow. Try it to turn dark hair into an ombre or with dark roots intact, then lean into the smokiness with a sultry thick black cat eye and dark brows.

Eggplant Hair Color

Eggplant purple evokes the rich, hearty color of vegetarians’ favorite veggie. It’s a bold hair color statement that works especially well on anyone with natural dark skin or hair. The best part? You get to dress in a garden theme with complementary browns and greens that make this hair color perfect to brighten up colder months.

Violet Hair Color

This ultra vivid violet is a bold hair color statement that’s especially powerful on anyone with natural brown hair. Your hair will look just like springtime with hair color the shade of a deep violet flower. The brightness means it works all year long. Try it with simple makeup like brown mascara and glowing highlighter to let the color really make a statement.


DIY at home Hair Color: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color V2 - Dark Intense Violet


Silver Purple Hair Color

Add metallic notes to your look with a purple hair color that lets silver hair strands peek through. Try this on-trend hair color in a highlighted style to liven up naturally gray hair or give an understated elegance to a hair dye job.

Magenta Hair Color

Your favorite crayon is now a hair color. This bright hair color shade is a marriage of brightest pink and happy purple. We suggest choosing this look if you love to stand out. Finish the fun hairstyle with a perfectly matching magenta lipstick.


Neon Purple Hair Color

Calling all teens at heart and future rockstars. Neon hair is having a moment, and there’s no hair color more fun than electric purple. This head-turning hair color shade also works as ombre or highlights; no matter what you choose, you’ll be sure to stand out.

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Shade Selector Quiz

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