Garnier Hair Color Example Long Purple Hair with Braid Hair Style Ideas Garnier Hair Color Example Long Purple Hair with Braid Hair Style Ideas

9 purple hairstyles: purple hair color & hair dye ideas

When you dye your hair purple, you’re signing on for hair color that stands out. But now that you’ve decided on purple hair dye, what’s the best way to wear it? Let’s look at purple ombre, colombre, die-dyed purple hair, and all the many purple hairstyles. There are as many ways to wear purple hair as there are shades-of-purple-hair-color. Ahead, our favorite ways to wear purple hair dye — but remember, the #1 hairstyle rule is that you love your hair.

Violet Hair Dye

Let’s start off with the classic and boldest way to dye your hair purple: all-over hair color. A solid, cohesive violet is a great way to let everyone know your favorite color. A rich violet shade works well for anyone with fair to medium complexion.

Contrast Hair Color

If you can’t decide between pastel and bright purple, why not just mix them together? Contrasting hair colors make for an ever-changing look. Throw your hair up in a ponytail and let your purple hair colors — every single one of them — shine.

Purple Ombre

Ombre isn’t just for dark blonde hair. Keep your natural hair color at the roots while the rest of your color subtly fades from light to dark purple, or choose a color spectrum from a light to dark rainbow hair color shade. The hair color spectrum can be simple and chic or bold and varied, all depending on your purple hair dye choices.

Purple Dip Dye Hair

Make a hair color statement by dyeing only the hair tips purple. Unlike the gradual color change in an ombre look, dip dyed hair will have a definitive line of color at the hair tips. For long hair, 2-3 inches of color is a strong look; for short hair, even just dyeing the hair tips can have a major effect. Dip dyed hair also means that when you’re ready to say goodbye to your hair color, it’s as easy as getting a hair trim to get you back to your natural hair color shade.

Purple Highlights

Highlighted purple hair can brighten up your natural hair color or add a daring pop of rainbow to base shades like gray or platinum. Highlights let you work the desired amount of purple hair dye in to your existing look.

Shadow Roots

Maintain your hairstyle for longer by leaving an inch of natural hair color at the hair’s roots. You won’t have to worry about dyeing hair again at the first sign of hair growth, and you’ll still have the vibrant hairstyle of all-over purple hair color.

Purple Underneath Hair

Love purple, but worried about rocking a bold hair color 24/7? Dye just the bottom layer of your hair, so that the top layers remain a natural hair color. Then whenever you’re feeling bright, pull your hair into a ponytail or half up in a hairclip and fly your rainbow flag.

Purple Bangs

Colorful bangs add a pop of purple to your existing hair color. Make it a trendy hairstyle with blunt, straight across bangs, or keep it wispy and light with pastel purple side fringe.

Geode Hair

Inspired by the interior of a glittering gemstone, geode hair features sections of indigo, purple, and pink hair color. Choose one deep hair color shade each in purple, blue, and pink and highlight hair with all three colors or dye it in sections. You’ll look like a precious stone — and your hair is now a crystal good luck charm.