Garnier Hair Color Dye Your Hair At Home Example Brown Hair Garnier Hair Color Dye Your Hair At Home Example Brown Hair

Step by step: how to dye your hair at home

Fortunately for budget-conscious beauty lovers, dyeing your hair at home isn't rocket science. Instructions are clear and easy to follow, and you can achieve great results. Whether you're a newbie or a color veteran, it's worth reviewing the process step by step to make sure you're ready to apply and debut that new shade with confidence.

1. Perform A Skin Test

Plan ahead, since this step needs to happen at least 48 hours before you dye your hair. Although it's tempting to skip the skin test, you'll be so glad you didn't if you happen to have allergies or a negative reaction to the dye you're planning to use.

Clean a small area of skin, such as on the bend of your elbow. Place a quarter-sized amount of color mixed with developer on the inner elbow area, and leave it for 48 hours. Read the skin-allergy test instructions on the insert that came with your dye, and monitor the area of skin closely over the next 48 hours. If you experience any of the reactions described on the insert, do not color your hair without checking with your doctor.

2. Prep Your Area

For best results, apply your dye on dry, unwashed hair. When you're ready to start, put on an old dark colored T-shirt or an outfit that you won't mind getting stained if things happen to get messy. Drape an old dark colored towel over your shoulders, and secure it with a hair clip.

Put on the gloves provided in the hair color kit, and mix up the colorant and developer according to the instructions. Shake the mixture well, making sure to cover the bottle tip with your finger, to mix all the components together thoroughly.

3. Dye Away

For full head application:

1. Squeeze colorant cream tube into developer bottle and shake well.

2.Apply onto root area with bottle.

Spread the remaining mixture evenly through hair.

For root touch-up application:

1. Squeeze colorant cream tube into developer bottle and shake well.

2. Use the tip of the bottle to section hair and apply directly to roots.

3. Spread the mixture evenly over root area.

When you're finished, leave the mixture on for the processing time per the package instructions.

4. Rinse And Condition

Rinse your hair, using your hands to separate sections and work apart any tangles, until the water runs completely clear. Your kit comes with a bottle of color-protecting conditioner, apply the conditioner to your hair, and wait for two minutes before rinsing it off. Your hair should feel soft, silky and strong.

After that, you're good to go! Towel dry (with an old or dark colored towel), style, and rock your new shade with confidence.

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