How to Apply Olia

How to apply olia hair color | hair color 101

Here are the steps if you have never colored your hair, your hair is colored but you want to go darker, you haven't colored in 3+ months, you just want to color your root regrowth or if you color every 4-6 weeks with the same shade or similar.

Follow These Steps for a Flawless Application

How to Apply Olia - step 1 prepare

Mix Color

Apply gloves, snap off tip and remove the cap of the Developer Bottle and add Colorant, and shake vigorously.

How to apply Olia - step 2 apply to roots

Apply to Roots

For full head application:
Start applying at your roots, separating hair section by section.
Then, apply through lengths and ends ensuring hair is completely saturated.

For root touch-up:
Use bottle to separate hair section by section and apply to your new growth, starting at any resistant gray areas.

How to Apply Olia - Step 3 time

Wait 30 Minutes

For full head application:
Leave on hair for 30 minutes.

For root touch-up:
Leave on roots for 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes, use remaining mixture to saturate lengths and ends for 10 minutes (30 minutes total).

How to Apply Olia - Step 4 rinse and condition

Rinse & Condition

Before rinsing, massage your hair. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear.
Apply conditioner and leave on for 2-5 mins. before rinsing.

You can use remaining conditioner weekly until next coloring