nutrisse color reviver frequently asked questions nutrisse color reviver frequently asked questions

Everything You Need to Know About Nutrisse Color Revivers

Don’t let your hair dye fade away on you. Keep it looking fresh and vibrant for weeks with Nutrisse Color Revivers, which deposit pigment in just five minutes in place of your conditioner — which means no extra steps in your routine. Use it to warm up or cool highlights, turn down brassiness, and to restore vivid hair colors. Want to cocktail shades? It’s easy. Here, when to use Nutrisse Color Revivers, how to apply them and what to expect.

1. How often do Nutrisse Color Revivers need to be used? Can they be used more than once in 2 weeks?

Nutrisse Color Revivers do not need to be used daily or even every other day. The product deposits color pigments with every use. The product should be used in place of your conditioner after shampooing with your regular maintenance shampoo for color-treated hair. Therefore, we recommend using the product to revive hair color once every 2 weeks.


2. Can I cocktail different Nutrisse Color Revivers shades to achieve in-between results?

Yes! You can combine any Nutrisse Color Revivers you want to achieve your desired result. For instance, if the Cool Blonde hair dye shade is too cool, add some warmth with the Golden Blonde shade. If you’d like to redden the Vibrant Copper shade, mix-in the Vibrant Red shade.


3. What happens if I leave Nutrisse Color Revivers on longer than 5 minutes?

Nutrisse Color Revivers are designed to deposit color on color-treated hair. After testing and evaluating the product performance when applied for 5 and 10 minutes, we’ve concluded that the best revived results occur when the product is left in hair for 5 minutes. The longer you leave on Nutrisse Color Revivers, the more color pigment will be deposited on your hair.


4. Can I use Nutrisse Color Revivers immediately after coloring?

We recommend that Nutrisse Color Revivers be used when hair dye has faded. When coloring with Garnier permanent hair dye, there should be no need to use Revivers immediately after coloring because our shades are vibrant and true-to-tone following application.


5. Can I use Nutrisse Color Revivers immediately after bleaching?

Garnier Nutrisse bleach kits already include anti-brass after-color conditioners to reduce brassiness immediately after bleaching and dyeing. Nutrisse Color Revivers were designed to be used later in the color cycle if brass appears 2-3 weeks after bleaching and dyeing. In this case, we recommend using the Cool Blonde Reviver shade to combat brassiness.


6. What Nutrisse Color Revivers shade should I use if I have highlights?

If you want to make your blonde highlights more platinum with Nutrisse Color Revivers, we recommend using the Cool Blonde hair dye shade. If you want to warm up your blonde highlights, use the Golden Blonde shade. It will add gold tones to your blonde highlights in only 5 minutes.


7. How do Nutrisse Color Revivers deposit pigment into hair?

Nutrisse Color Revivers use a conditioner base to deliver color pigments to the hair. This is how the product nourishes dry, damaged hair and revives color at the same time.


8. Will Nutrisse Color Revivers cover gray roots?

No. Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème permanent hair dye is the best product for covering gray hair. If you want to revive the color of hair that’s already color-treated, we recommend using Nutrisse Color Revivers.


9. If I don’t have color treated hair, can I use Nutrisse Color Revivers? What will the product do?

Yes. However, Nutrisse Color Revivers are designed to nourish and add tones to color-treated hair. If you apply the product to un-color-treated hair, the added tones will not be as visible as when applied to color-treated hair.


10. What makes Nutrisse Color Revivers different than color-depositing shampoos?

Nutrisse Color Revivers are unique because they deliver color pigments in a conditioner format. The product is applied with hands to wet, freshly-washed hair and rinsed out after 5 minutes. Color-depositing shampoos need to be lathered in hair and then washed out before a conditioner is used.


11. Will there be more shades?

We are currently exploring new hair dye shades to add to the Nutrisse Color Revivers range.


12. If I want to cool the color of brown hair, can I use the Nutrisse Color Revivers Cool Blonde hair dye shade?

We are exploring a cool brown shade but have not launched it yet. The Cool Blonde shade adds violet tones to color-treated blonde hair to neutralize unwanted warmth. While these violet tones work to combat brassiness in blondes, they will not effectively remove warmth from brunette hair.


13. What Nutrisse Color Revivers shade should I use if I have brown hair that I don’t want to be red or brassy?

We’re exploring a cool brown shade of Nutrisse Color Revivers but have not launched it yet.


14. Are Nutrisse Color Revivers like a developer?

Not at all! Nutrisse Color Revivers are conditioners that contain color pigments. They are designed to nourish and add tones to color-treated hair.


15. Is there a color match guide on the tube similar to the shade match guide on the side of a permanent hair dye box?

Yes, there is a guide on the back of the tube to give you a sense of what to expect for an end result. It shows the starting shade and what the product can do when applied for 5 and 10 minutes.


16. Are Nutrisse Color Revivers a semi- or demi-permanent dye?

Nutrisse Color Revivers are not a demi-permanent hair dye product. They can be understood as a conditioner that contains color pigments similar to what is found is semi-permanent offerings.


17. Will Nutrisse Color Revivers stain my hands and fingers?

Nutrisse Color Revivers will not stain your hands or fingers! They are meant to be as user-friendly as possible.


18. Can I swim after using Nutrisse Color Revivers?

Yes, Nutrisse Color Revivers will not limit your regular activities. Because chlorine can fade permanent hair dye, we recommend using Revivers after shampooing chlorine out of hair.


19. How long will Nutrisse Color Revivers take to wash out?

If you use Nutrisse Color Revivers as recommended, they should gradually wash out of hair within 3 weeks.


20. Should I shampoo before using Nutrisse Color Revivers?

Yes, shampoo and rinse your hair before applying Nutrisse Color Revivers. Because the product is a conditioner, it will not clean your hair.


21. Should Nutrisse Color Revivers be applied to wet or dry hair? Why?

Wet. We have evaluated applications on multiple hair conditions and have concluded that the best application for revived color results is on freshly washed, damp hair.


22. Can Nutrisse Color Revivers be used to revive permanent hair color outside of Nutrisse?

Yes! Nutrisse Color Revivers nourish and refresh a variety of permanent hair dye shades. See the list below for what Reviver shade to use depending on your starting hair dye.

  • Use Warm Brown for mahogany and chestnut brown base shades
  • Use Vibrant Red for auburn red base shades
  • Use Warm Blonde for golden blonde base shades
  • Use Cool Blonde for cool and ash blonde base shades
  • Use Vibrant Copper for copper red base shades

23. How many uses can I get out of 1 bottle?

For most users, 4 applications are in each bottle.


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