7 green beauty products you can't go back to school without 7 green beauty products you can't go back to school without

9 Garnier Beauty Products You Can’t Go Back to School Without

You’ve shopped for all your dorm decor, purchased a new set of headphones and gathered enough pens to last you a lifetime — but when it comes to back-to-school season don’t forget how important it is to refresh your beauty products too. Yes, we’re talking a whole new shelf of skin and hair-loving treats. If you’re game for finding new essentials to level up your beauty routine, let us help you get you started with these essentials from Garnier:

1. Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Waterproof

This gentle cleanse feels best after a long day of classes and hours put in at the library. Garnier micellar cleansing water waterproof is designed to remove even the toughest waterproof makeup and contains no alcohol, so even those with sensitive skin can use it. Your pores will feel clean and refreshed – no washing your face with soapy goo or boring face wipes here.


2. Soothing Facial Mist with Rose Water

Soothing Facial Mist with Rose water soothes skin in a spritz, and the fact that this mist smells like a fresh spring bouquet doesn’t hurt, either. Just spritz a few inches from your face to hydrate and enjoy all the benefits of this unique formula with 99% naturally-derived ingredients. Those big words actually represent something simple: Garnier considers an ingredient “naturally-derived” if it is unchanged from its natural state or has undergone processing, but still retains more than 50% of its molecular structure from its original natural source. So, when we say that this formula consists of 99% naturally-derived ingredients, the remaining ingredients constitute 1% of the formula to ensure its experience and preservation. (Yes, it is as good for your skin as it sounds.)

3. Fructis Sleek and Shine Shampoo Conditioner and Leave-In Cream

Why just survive dorm showers when you could thrive in them? This system of shampoo, conditioner and leave-in cream are formulated with argan oil and Active Fruit Protein, to help make your locks visibly sleek and smooth. It’s more than just shine, though – this system is a staple if you’ve got frizz that needs to chill out. Use the complete system to get long-lasting frizz control even in 97% humidity when using the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment. Raise your hand if you’re adding this fruity TLC to your shower regimen ASAP.

4. Fructis Treats 1 Minute Hair Masks

This line of 1-minute hair masks are the definition of fast nourishment. Each has a unique extract, such as avocado, papaya, banana, goji or coconut to deliver smoothness, strength, color vibrancy, or nourishing in 60 seconds. These masks contain 98% naturally-derived ingredients with formulas that are 94% biodegradable, too. Use them as a hair mask, conditioner, or leave-in treatment for anything you have going on that day. Whatever route you decide, your hair will love the TLC sans silicones, parabens, artificial colorants, or animal derived ingredients or by-products.

5. Fructis Sleek Shot In-Shower Styler

Anyone who’s ever straightened their hair knows how the process can take forever. Between washing, blow drying and using a flatiron, it can put a serious dent in your time to study and hang out with friends. Not anymore: This innovative in-shower treatment not only shortens the usual time commitment by eliminating the need for a flatiron, but keeps hair shiny and frizz-free all the way from pre-class coffee to dinner with friends after your sorority meeting.

In the shower, combine this treatment with Fructis Sleek & Shine Shampoo in a 1 to 1 ratio. Rinse, condition, then blow dry and style to complete the look. It’s significantly more affordable than heading to your local blowout bar whenever you need salon style — so consider your college beauty-responsibly budget conquered!

6. Whole Blends Honey Treasures Hair Care

Whole Blends Repairing Honey Treasures is a paraben-free formula, blended with sustainably sourced honey, our formula for dry, damaged hair reduces split ends and prevents damage. Turn your shower sessions into a wholesome haven with this shampoo and conditioner that leaves your hair rejuvenated all the way to the ends.

If your hair still needs a little more TLC, help with Whole Blends Honey Treasures Repairing Mask, which replenishes hair and mends damage from root to ends. Two or three times a week, work it through your hair after shampooing in place of your conditioner, wait three minutes and rinse.

7. Whole Blends Miracle Nectar 10-in-1

If you ended up with the earliest possible timeslot for your history class, make your mornings a little less painful with Whole Blends 10 in 1 Multipurpose Miracle Nectar Leave-in Treatment. This multipurpose treatment does it all in one step: moisturizes, detangles, tames frizz, strengthens, restores softness, nourishes, protects against heat, reduces breakage and improves manageability. You don’t need to stash much else in your bathroom caddy when you have it on hand. It can also help keep hair healthy, which means you can go longer in between trims and you can reserve that wiggle room in your budget for nights out with your friends.

8. Whole Blends Coco Cocoa Smoothing Hair Care

The drier your hair texture, the more prone to frizz it is. To keep hair smooth, soft and manageable no matter where your schedule takes you, opt for the moisturizing (and sustainably-sourced) pairing of coconut oil from Kenya and African cocoa butter extracts. The star duo of the paraben-free Coco Cocoa shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment, can help make your hair stay smooth and control frizz.

Not only are they sustainably-sourced, but they’re also solidary-sourced, meaning the coconut oil and cocoa butter are purchased fairly and support local farmers and communities. Not only does it benefit your hair, but it helps others, too. That’s definitely a win-win.

9. Nutrisse Nourishing Color Crème

Ideal for your back-to-school routine, Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme is infused with ingredients such as avocado, olive, and shea oils. This line comes in 63 different shades, but we love this glowing medium brown, a.k.a. the perfect color for fall. The coloring instructions are easy to follow from your dorm or apartment—and work for both full head application and root touch up.

Now that you’re armed with the best products for this back to school year, sit back, relax, and Beauty Responsibly ™! As an added incentive for using your new beauty buys thoughtfully, consider designing a beauty recycling bin for your roommate or your dorm floor so that the green love can extend beyond you this year. To learn more on how Garnier can help you beauty responsibly, visit the Garnier skincare, haircare, and hair color pages below.