We've Got Your Burgundy Hair Color Needs Covered

Is your starting color blonde, brunette, black or red? Let our Shade Selector guide you to the burgundy that will complement your color most, then, follow the application directions on the box to achieve your desired result at home. 

Tips for Burgundy Hair Color


Avoid a Royal Mistake

Taking blonde hair to burgundy can lead to a royal purple result if you don’t choose the right shade. Consult The Shade Selector to be sure.

The Darker the Berry, The Cooler the Result

Our Very Berry collection was specially formulated with cool tones to give hair that’s naturally light brown to black a vivid reddish burgundy color. 

Make a Fair Statement

Burgundy hair makes a flattering statement against fair to medium complexions. Play up the contrasting color with nude makeup and neutral clothing or make it pop even more with bold berry shades. 


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Burgundy Shades

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NUTRISSE ULTRA COLOR For the boldest color result

BR1 - Deepest Intense Burgundy

BR2 - Dark Intense Burgundy

BR3 - Intense Burgundy

NUTRISSE CREAM Burgundy Shades

362 - Darkest Berry Burgundy

Deep Burgundy 42 (Black Cherry)

462 - Dark Berry Burgundy

Medium Reddish Brown 56 (Sangria)

OLIA Burgundy Shades

Olia 4.62 - Dark Garnet Red

Olia 5.60 - Medium Garnet Red


Color Sensation 3.26 - Deep Burgundy

Color Sensation 4.26 - Intense Burgundy

Everything You Need to Know About At-Home Hair Color

Whether you need help choosing the right shade, want to know how much time to budget or would like to learn how to make your color last, these tips and tricks can help. They simplify the process to make coloring hair at-home a breeze.