Garnier Hair Color Example Long Red Hair Color Shade Garnier Hair Color Example Long Red Hair Color Shade

Red hair color shades for making a statement

Whether you’re a natural redhead or a bottle burgundy, red hair makes a statement. One of the most striking colors to dye your hair, red hair color shades can do everything from cover gray hairs to provide a deep, head-turning pigment. Red hair infuses your everyday look with personality. Ahead, a few of our favorite red hair color selections and how to decide which shade to choose for your own personal hair color statement.

Red Hair Colors for Gray Coverage

If your goal is to cover gray hairs with a striking hair color shade, look for a formula meant to provide deep coverage. According to Patricia Slattery, Assistant Vice President of Hair Color Education, Training & Testing at L’Oreal, Garnier Nutrisse and Garnier Olia hair color are formulated to cover gray as well as tone your hair.

If you have many grays and want a natural hair color look, opt for one of these two hair dye ranges. When shopping for your perfect red hair shade, choose the box packaging that reads “Nutrisse” or “Olia” and look for shade with only numbers in the title (i.e. Nutrisse Color Creme Darkest Berry Burgundy 362 or Olia Dark Intense Auburn 4.60).

Natural-Looking Red Hair Colors

Sometimes, the statement you want to make with red hair is simply “I was born with this color.” Fortunately, there are plenty of shades of red hair that are designed to give you natural-looking hair color and tone so your hair dye job can be our little secret.

Slattery advises looking for a red hair shade formulated to keep color natural-looking. She recommends a “natural copper” hair color like Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme 643 Light Natural Copper Hair Color or Olia 6.43 Light Natural Auburn Hair Color. Other shades to help you achieve a natural-looking hair color include Nutrisse 535 Medium Golden Mahogany Brown Hair Color, Nutrisse 56 Reddish Brown Hair Color, and Nutrisse 415 Soft Mahogany Brown Hair Color. These shades of red hair are formulated to fit right in your style, depending on your skin tone and eye color. Bonus: they are also created to provide full coverage of gray hairs. Color can help take your hair to the next level, giving the pigment vibrant shine.

Shades of Red Hair for Making a Statement

If you do want to make a bold color statement with your red hair, there are plenty of options for a red hair color shade that wows you every time you look in the mirror.

For bold, vibrant hair color Slattery recommends searching for a shade like “burgundy,” “berry,” or “violet.” Some formulas have words like “intense” in the title, so look for those for rich color payoff.

Some specific shades of red hair are sure to turn heads, says Slattery. Olia Dark Intense Auburn Hair Color and Olia Medium Garnet Red Hair Color are less natural-looking and provide striking color. The entire Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color range is designed to make a statement, she says, and to provide bold hair color and impact.

Whether you want to turn heads or trick your friends with your red hair, there’s a hair color shade for you within Nutrisse, Olia, or Ultra Color.