Garnier Hair Color 3 Hair Styles Popular Red Hair Color Examples Garnier Hair Color 3 Hair Styles Popular Red Hair Color Examples

The 16 most popular red hair color shades

Ready for one of the most attention-grabbing, vibrant hair colors of your lifetime? Whether you’re looking for a bold change, getting back to your natural hair color, or simply need to cover gray, red hair color makes a powerful statement. The spectrum of red hair color includes everything from eye-catching burgundy hair to natural copper hair. There’s a red hair color shade for every style. Ahead, learn all about the options for at-home red hair color.

True Red Hair Color

For a classic red — or even a starter shade of red — you can’t do better than true red hair. The pomegranate hair color is perfect for anyone with light eyes and pale or medium complexions. Complement the strong red hair tones with a subtle pale pink lip and deep black or brown mascara.

Natural Copper Hair Color

This movie star-worthy light copper hair shade is perfect for anyone who wants to pretend to play one on TV. A coppery/ginger red that’s both soft and alive, this look pairs well with a golden complexion and hazel, brown or green eyes.

Auburn Blonde Hair Color

Add a bit of spice to your look with a light red hair color shade that evokes a hot tamale. The lightest bright red makes a bold hair color statement. Opt for a reddish brown eyeliner and creamy apricot or rosy pink blush to add a rounded warmness to the look.

Golden Mahogany Hair Color

Why choose just one hair color? Golden mahogany hair shades combine caramel and chestnut brown hair tones for a warm, rich shade so you can feel like a brunette with a reddish twist. A dusty pink lip and golden bronzer will complete this soft look.

Berry Burgundy Hair Color

Picture the color of a perfectly ripe summer berry. The cool-toned dark hair shades of berry burgundy will stun on anyone with light skin and eyes. The burgundy color family is designed with cool tones. Pair with a smoky eye or a marsala lip for a dramatic look.

Intense Burgundy Hair Color

The striking intensity of a burgundy hair color shade is perfect for trend-watchers. The intense burgundy hair shade family is all about a deep, dark look. Silver jewelry will complement the shade’s cool tones, while a matching burgundy lip will amp your style up to 10.

Deep Burgundy Hair Color

The deepest chocolate cherry brunette hair color: red with a dose of drama (or chocolate.) Everyone with a fair complexion can rock this hair color, even those with brown or hazel eyes. Pair with black eyeliner and mascara for a dark, rich overall look.

Garnet Red Hair Color

This rich red hair color is perfect for reminding everyone what a vivid cool red gemstone you are. This hair shade works well on dark and olive skin, especially when paired with hazel eyes. When it comes to beauty, go for a well-placed statement color, like a deep purple eyeliner on your upper lids.

Red Brown Hair Color

This sangria-colored medium auburn red hair color has all the fruity bite of a delicious glass of wine. It works on all skin complexions and is especially stunning on anyone with brown or hazel eyes. Finish the look a dusting of a deep golden bronzer on your cheeks.

Natural Auburn Hair Color

Looking for a little lightness in their life? Natural auburn hair color has more depth than auburn blonde hair while keeping hair cheerful and warm. This hair color shade offers rich auburn red tones—stronger than gingery copper tones, but still looks natural. It’s a bright, shiny hair shade that works well with light and dark eyes alike. Pair with a sheer foundation that will let your natural skin tone shine through.

Maroon Hair Color

A red purple shade that will definitely turn heads, maroon is a deep color choice. The richness of violet combined with the warmth of darkest brown, this color is for anyone who wants their hair color shade to stand out. Finish the look with makeup that stands out, like a bold swipe of black eyeliner or darkly filled in brows.

Dark Red Hair Color

This rich red hair color shade evokes your favorite class of Cabernet. It’s just as warm and spicy as a favorite bottle of wine, and the depth works to add a layered beauty to your look. Anyone with a pale complexion will look especially striking with the drama of a dark red shade.

Black Cherry Hair Color

This rich shade combines the darkest blacks and reds for a seductive deeply colored look. Opt for black cherry if you have a darker complexion, and pair it with your richest outfit color combinations in black and brown.

Light Auburn Hair Color

This ethereal hair color shade combines golden red and light brown for a color that will turn heads. Choose light auburn if you’re looking to warm up your complexion, and let the gold and red turn your look into a perpetual ray of sunshine.

Dark Auburn Hair Color

This warm hair color shade is a mix of rich browns, reds, and gold. It’s a bold look that will work well for natural brunettes or redheads seeking a bit of sophistication in their color. Complete the look with warm colors in your beauty choices, like rich brown eyeshadow and golden bronzer.

Ginger Hair Color

One of the more natural-looking red shades, ginger hair color is a light to medium reddish brown that evokes the classic red hair, green eyes and freckles combination. This hair color shade looks great on anyone with a light complexion. Finish the look with fresh, bright wardrobe choices in colors like white and forest green.