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Auburn Shades

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Nutrisse Ultra Color For the boldest color result

R0 - Darkest Intense Auburn

R2 - Medium Intense Auburn

R3 - Light Intense Auburn


True Red 66 (Pomegranate)

76 - Rich Auburn Blonde

OLIA Auburn Shades

Olia 4.60 - Dark Intense Auburn

Olia 6.43 - Light Natural Auburn

Olia 6.60 - Light Intense Auburn

Nutrisse Ultra Coverage For the most resistant gray

Color Sensation 4.60 - Dark Intense Auburn

Color Sensation 4.60 - Dark Intense Auburn

Everything You Need to Know About At-Home Hair Color

Whether you need help choosing the right shade, want to know how much time to budget or would like to learn how to make your color last, these tips and tricks can help. They simplify the process to make coloring hair at-home a breeze.