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Transform your bedroom into a haven for sleep

The bedroom is supposed to be your ultimate safe haven, but is yours set up to optimize your sleep? Getting a good night’s rest is essential in promoting a healthy lifestyle and has been proven to enhance the mind, body and skin. Here, the best ways to create a bedroom that will take your night of sleep to the next level of nirvana.

The Power of Smell

Spray chamomile or lavender essential oils—known to be calming natural sedatives—onto your pillow at night. You might try lighting a candle with one of those fragrances before bedtime.

Light Is Not Your Friend

Any light that creeps into the room at night could interfere with your potential for a good night’s sleep. When there’s light, your body won’t produce as much melatonin, which is as essential to sleep as a good mattress. Take great care in making sure your room is pitch black by facing any alarm clocks to the wall and make sure to use room-darkening shades.

Say No to Furry Friends in Your Bed

As relaxing as it may be to snuggle up with your dog for bedtime, a 2014 study showed that pet owners who slept with their furry friends may suffer from sleeplessness. If you still want your four-legged bestie in the same room while you sleep, set up their sleeping area in a corner away from your bed.

Noise Out, Sleep In

Whether you’re an urban dweller with a cacophony of car horns and sirens competing for your attention at night or you have a heavy snorer sharing your bed, a sound machine with white noise can do wonders for creating the ultimate sleeping space. There are many options for white noise machines, but the best ones provide a steady soothing sound and easily mask any sleep-disrupting noises that could interrupt your sacred REM time.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Keeping the temperature in your bedroom at a comfortable level is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep. A bedroom that’s too hot or too cold can keep you up at night. Experts recommend setting the thermostat somewhere between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pillow Talk

At this point your pillow preference should be pretty clear. But regardless if you like it soft or firm, make sure your pillow is the right size to keep your spine in a neutral position, no matter which sleeping position you favor.

Moisture Matters

Keeping moisture levels in the air while you sleep is a little known beauty secret that many are not aware of. By sleeping with a humidifier on, your skin will reap some amazing benefits—especially during the colder winter months. A humidifier can add much-needed moisture back into the skin, keeping it soft and supple while you sleep. Humidifiers also help alleviate stuffy sinuses while you sleep.

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