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How to pineapple hair


What is pineappling?

The pineapple hair technique was originally named by the NaturallyCurly community as an easy and effective way of protecting curly hair overnight. When done correctly, hair pineappling creates a beautiful pile of curls on top of your head that resembles — you guessed it — a pineapple.

The idea is to loosely pull your curly hair off your neck and face so it stays out of the way to prevent tangles and creases. The good news is that pineappling curly hair is so easy, plus it’s not just a bedtime story! Read on for all the important deets.

Supplies for the pineapple method

You have a few options when it comes to hair pineappling, but regular hair ties or elastics is not one of them! Choose a material below to get started and see what works best for your hair and sleep style.

  • A silk scrunchie or scarf: Silk or satin is the top choice for preserving curls
  • A length of fabric: The softer the better so it won’t create creases, frizz or breakage
  • A bonnet: Some curly heads like to also slip on a silky bonnet at night for extra protection

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How to Pineapple Curly Hair - The Pineapple Method
Before bed

In the morning

Pineapple hair is easy to take down in the morning by removing the scrunchie, scarf or bonnet. But here are some pro tips on what to do and not do next:

Embrace the pineapple hairstyle!

It didn’t take long for the curly hair community to realize that pineapple hair is actually a super cute hairstyle on its own! It’s also a great way to protect curls while doing stuff like working out, doing chores and gardening. 

Simply follow the steps above for the pineapple method, only secure the fabric or scrunchie a bit tighter. A good rule of thumb for any curly hairstyle, including pineapple hair, is to keep your ringlets hydrated. Also remember to use the right products for your curl type and look for specific treatments that loosen and soften, control scrunch and sculpt. And when it’s time to wash your curly hair, make sure to give it nutrients with the Fructis Curl Nourish system.

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