Garnier Fructis - tips for controlling frizzy hair Garnier Fructis - tips for controlling frizzy hair

How to control frizzy hair

It’s a universal beauty truth: Frizzy hair can be challenging. However, with a combination of simple tips, effective anti-frizz hair products, and natural beauty remedies, taking care of frizzy hair has never been easier.

The first essential tip for fighting frizzy hair is to keep an eye on the ingredients in your hair care products. Opt for hair products that contain nourishing ingredients, such as coconut oil and cocoa butter extracts (you can find both in Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Hair Care line). Also, look for conditioners that have high protein content, which strengthens hair and enhances its overall health. Then, do an overhaul on your hair products and overall beauty routine.

Which Frizzy Hair Products Do You Need?

The best tips for minimizing frizzy hair are as easy as switching up beauty products. In addition to a nourishing shampoo, use a leave-in conditioner once or twice a week in place of your usual conditioner. It provides all-day hydration without weighing hair down or adding time to your morning beauty routine. When your hair is still damp, comb a leave-in treatment, like Whole Blends Miracle Frizz Tamer with Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter Extracts, through the lengths of your hair.

Alternately, try adding a high-performance hair oil, like argan oil, into your daily beauty regimen. It’s one of the best tips if your hair is coarse and frizzy, since the oil can help protect your hair from humidity and heat for long periods of time. Try Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum, powered by argan oil for high shine and less frizz—without any of the greasiness.

Then, once a week, use a moisturizing hair mask. Look for one that contains a deeply hydrating hair ingredient, like (again) coconut oil, argan oil, or avocado oil. (Here are the 7 best ingredients you should look for in your hair mask.) A hair mask is a bigger time investment, but the beauty payoff—that is, shinier hair and less frizz—is worth it.

How to Change Your Hair Care Routine for Frizzy Hair

There are so many smart tips to choose from when it comes to avoiding frizzy hair in your beauty routine. First, avoid leaving your hair to dry in a towel, since the friction can cause hair frizz. Instead, either let it air dry or use a hair diffuser. A diffuser attachment can help keeps frizzy or curly hair healthy when blow-drying. It also helps prevent damage hair (and to further minimize hair damage, make sure you don’t use your blow dryer's hottest setting).

If you’re open to switching up your beauty routine, you can also try washing your hair at night for frizz-free hair the next day. It may sound like a hassle to change it, but rushing through your hair styling regimen before work can create unwanted hair frizz—since a lot of the ways to dry hair quickly, like high heat and rubbing hair with a towel, can sabotage your anti-frizz efforts.

Finally, go easy on hot tools in general during the summer, since using a high-heat setting in the heat and humidity can create too much hair volume. Consider trying a wet-look hairspray or hair gel instead, since both can help prevent frizzy hair, especially in the hot, humid summer.

Don’t let hair frizz ruin your good hair day. For more tips about treating and preventing frizzy hair, explore the ways to fight frizzy curls (curly hair is extra-prone to frizz) and the how-to-treat-frizzy-hair

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