Garnier Fructis - tips for controlling frizzy hair Garnier Fructis - tips for controlling frizzy hair

Consejos para controlar el cabello crespo

It’s a universal beauty truth: Frizzy hair can be challenging. However, with a combination of simple tips, effective anti-frizz hair products, and natural beauty remedies, taking care of frizzy hair has never been easier.

The first essential tip for fighting frizzy hair is to keep an eye on the ingredients in your hair care products. Opt for hair products that contain nourishing ingredients, such as coconut oil and cocoa butter extracts (you can find both in Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Hair Care line). Also, look for conditioners that have high protein content, which strengthens hair and enhances its overall health. Then, do an overhaul on your hair products and overall beauty routine.

The two main parts of hair are the root and the shaft, which is the visible strand growing out of the scalp. On healthy hair, the shaft’s outer layer is a series of flat aligned cuticles hat form a protective shield. Issues like frizzy hair occur when the cuticle gets bent and/or raised. Many factors in and out of our control contribute to disorderly cuticles, but the ultimate result is fragile weak hair that can lead to even more severe damage like breakage.

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