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The 5 best ways to store your skin care products

How you store your beauty products has a big effect on their shelf life and effectiveness. Rather than keeping skin care products wherever they fit, think about how temperature, sun exposure and humidity might affect them. If you keep things in the wrong place their quality can disintegrate, stop functioning effectively or develop an odd scent. Since you spent hard earned cash on your beauty arsenal you surely want to get the most out of what you have. Follow these beauty tips to hold on to your fave products for as long they should last.

1. Keep Products Out Of The Sun

We’ve seen many sunscreens roasting in the sun only to become a runny mess overtime. Much as sunscreen is designed to protect you from the sun, you’re not supposed to let it get exposed to it for too long. Keep your SPF safe by putting it back in your purse or in the shade. This will maintain its consistency and protective qualities. The sun can also affect the efficiency of other skin care products not just SPF.

2. Keep Cleansers Out Of Your Shower

Water has the potential to dilute products thoroughly so make sure to be careful to rinse around your product. This is particularly true with jar products which can easily be filled with water if you don’t pay attention. Try not to use products in the shower unless they have a small opening. The potential to dilute is too high.

3. Clean And Sort Your Make Up Brushes

If you apply foundation and make up with brushes you need to be cleaning your brushes once a week to stave off bacteria, oil and sweat. Also make sure to store them in a dry, bacteria free space.

4. Store Beauty Wipes Upside Down

This is a beauty hack for two reasons – one your cleansing wipes won’t be open by accident causing them to dry out and two whenever you take out the top wipe it will be moist. Just make sure that the package is completely closed so it doesn’t leak out liquid.