How to know if a product is too old to use on your skin - Garnier SkinActive How to know if a product is too old to use on your skin - Garnier SkinActive

How to know if a product is too old to use on your skin

We can all agree that expired food is unpleasant and definitely not something we want in our body. However when it comes to skin care products, sometimes we aren’t as vigilant. Many of us have products that are not just a few months old, but may be even a few years old. Once products become contaminated or exposed to air they can become havens for bacteria, causing a multitude of skin issues. Don’t unnecessarily harm your skin.-we’ve compiled a list of when you should toss out what.

Face Wipes – 3 months After Period of Opening

Face wipes are great when you first get them — they contain a lot of liquid, smell refreshing and perform well at removing make up. However as time progresses, the liquid in the wipes quickly evaporates and with it, the cleansing qualities disappear. If you want cleansing wipes to be effective, toss them after two months. You don’t want to irritate or scrape your skin with dried out wipes.

Eye Rollers – 6 Months After Period of Opening

Your eye region is sensitive and more prone to infection than any other part of your face. Be diligent about products that touch your eyes, particularly eye rollers, and toss them after 3 months to prevent infections.

Moisturizers and Serums – 12 Months After Period of Opening

When it comes to moisturizers and serums the opening and application of the product plays a big role in the shelf life. If you have a fairly airtight product with a tiny opening that only allows you to place a small amount directly onto your hand you will be able to keep your product longer than if it’s stored in a large jar. With the larger opening and increased surface area comes more likelihood of exposure to oxidation and bacteria. Always make sure to wash your hands before you use the product to prevent contamination and give it more longevity.

Cleansers – 12 Months After Period of Opening

Cleansers typically have a small opening and not a lot of surface opportunity to come in contact with bacteria. You can store this product for a year but keep your eyes on the sell by date to make sure you’re not mistakenly using something that has already expired.

Also with all products use your senses to assess if your product is still good. If your skin care product smells strange, has an odd consistency, or the packing starts to warp stop using it immediately to avoid breakouts and infection.