Garnier Fructis - transform hair quick tips - beautiful braids, luxurious locks, add embellishments Garnier Fructis - transform hair quick tips - beautiful braids, luxurious locks, add embellishments

Step up your style for a night out

Regardless of the length and style of your hair, creating a unique look makes any event more special. Whether it's a night out with friends or a first date, extra touches can help add glamour to your locks. Transform short, long or medium-length hair with these quick and easy tips for stepping up your style.

Beautiful Braids

Braids are the perfect answer when you need to design a fresh look. Create one large French braid down the back for long wavy hair styles, letting a few strands of hair loose for some flirty face framing, and add in a few thin yet well-placed braids in your medium-length or bobbed hair to create texture and interest in unexpected places. A halo braid around the crown of the head — embellished with a few small flowers — is perfect for hair that's too short to pull up. For even more style, pull out a few wisps of hair at the crown and back of the neck for a relaxed look.

Luxurious Locks

Long layered locks are versatile when changing your look for an evening out. Add drama to a half-up/half-down style by teasing the top part of the hair for a nice lift at the crown. A chignon is another elegant look; keep it relaxed and romantic with a few loose strands around the face.

Easy Embellishments

Sparkly embellishments are a quick and easy way to upgrade your style for an evening out. Hair clips are having a major moment = create a classy, fun look with a sparkly rhinestone comb tucked into a small section of hair that's swept up to the side, or add a pleasing pop with a pearly clip secured at the center of a bun or other up-do. A thin ribbon woven into a back or side braid provides a splash of color to coordinate with your outfit, while a bit of hair gel tousled through a close-cropped cut gives a sexy touch to a sporty style.

No matter your destination, stepping up your hairstyle for a night out is all about making you feel confident and beautiful.

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