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Lightener vs Bleach: What's The Difference for Your Hair?

When it comes to making your hair blonder, it can be tough to navigate all the information out there about using lightener versus bleach. Teasing apart the “lightener” and “bleach” question is confusing simply because the terms tend to be used interchangeably. Yet, they are two different things that generally depend on their ingredients and intended uses.

This article demystifies the hair lightener vs bleach issue to set you off in the right direction towards your blondest dreams. If you decide hair bleach is the way to go, your smartest at-home option is the most effective shade-shifting formula that also cares for your hair and the environment.

That’s why Garnier created Nutrisse Ultra Color Charcoal Bleach with ultra-lift technology. Not only does activated charcoal detoxify your hair, but it also volumizes and boosts growth. Plus, our deep blue conditioner neutralizes brass and conditions with five fruit oils. It’s the best of all worlds!

Hair Lightener vs Bleach, before and after - Garnier

Know Before You Go

Before going blonde or platinum, peer into your hair’s future with our Virtual Hair Color Try-On Tool for a real-life view in real time. And be sure to brush up on your home bleaching skills prior to lightening things up.

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