Halloween Hairstyle - Ice Queen

A braided hairstyle worthy of a true queen

No actual kingdom? No problem. These gorgeous half up half down braids are all an ice queen really needs, anyway. It’s easy to create (thanks to simple braids), works for even medium hair lengths and features texture throughout the braids and hair to make it worthy of royalty. Want more ideas and inspiration for Halloween hairstyles? Don’t miss our Halloween gallery, which features tips, tutorials, and beyond.


halloween hairstyle ice queen right
halloween hairstyle ice queen back
halloween hairstyle ice queen left


halloween hairstyle Ice Queen step 1
Garnier Fructis Style Sky Hi Volume Volumizing Mousse Front Of Bottle

Sky-Hi Volume Mousse

Prep hair with Sky-Hi Volume Mousse at the roots and massage into hair then spread remaining product down the middle.

Blow dry hair as you usually do, to add more volume flip hair over and dry upside down. To add waves, use a curling wand and curl section towards and away from face; this step is optional.

halloween hairstyle Ice Queen step 2

Start by parting your hair down the middle and splitting into two sections. Warm up a small amount of Pure Clean Finishing Paste and apply to hair section that will be braided to add grit.

Starting at the hairline, split into 3 sections and start braiding pulling outside sections under, and pulling hair only from the top. Stop braid at the back of the head just above neck and secure with an elastic. Repeat step on the other side.

halloween hairstyle Ice Queen step 3

Just below the first braid, create a another braid along the temple and follow the same angle as the one above. Repeat on the other side.

Once you reach the back, collect all 4 braids and secure together with an elastic just below the bottom braids. Take a small piece from the bottom and wrap around to cover the elastic and secure with a pin.

halloween hairstyle Ice Queen step 4
Front view of Full Control Anti-Humidity Aerosol Hairspray.

Full Control Anti-Humidity Aerosol Hairspray

Finish the look by gently spreading the braids apart.

Use Full Control Hairspray all over to hold style in place.