Festival Rope Braids Tutorial | Summer Styles | Fructis Style Masterclass

The Summer Rope Braids Fit for a Festival

Get a headliner-worthy look for your next festival with these fun, effortless braids. A thin rope, which you can swap for other cute hair accessories, gives new life to otherwise simple pigtail braids. Want more hair inspiration for your next festival? Check out the hairstyles that rocked at the past festivals. If you want to test out your braiding skills, browse through our All About Braids gallery. (A Curly Crown Braid would look gorgeous for your next outdoor event.) And if you have short hair, get in on the fun with these sweet short hairstyles. For more easy tutorials and hairstyle inspiration, head to the Hairstyle Hub.

Get the look with these steps

Girl gathering hair into two sections for Summer Rope Braid tutorial Step 1.
Front view of Curl Nourish Leave-in Treatment for Resistant Curls.

Curl Nourish Butter Cream

Start by parting your hair down the middle and splitting into two sections.

Apply Curl Nourish Butter Cream to nourish and hydrate your strands. Secure one side away with a clip.

Girl braiding a side section of hair for Summer Rope Braid tutorial Step 2.

To begin your braid, start by gathering a section at the top, divide in 3 parts.

Start braiding by pulling hair over to the other side, not under. Make sure you’re not braiding too tight so you can loosen at the end. Repeat step on the other side.

Girl tying rope into hair for Summer Rope Braid tutorial Step 3.

Secure your rope at the top of the braid with a hair pin.

Then thread the rope through a pin to help you weave through the braid. Repeat step on the other side.

festival rope braids step 4

Finish the look by taming down baby hairs.

Use Curl Shape Defining Spray Gel to the front edges and add a touch of Full Control Hairspray all over to add hold.