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What Is Double Cleansing And Why You Should Do It

Have you ever heard of the double cleansing method? Though it sounds like it will only make your skin care routine more time-consuming, but it’s actually pretty easy — and incredibly effective. This intensive way to cleanse ensures your skin is super clean before you apply the rest of your skincare and go to bed. Here’s everything you need to know about it, like if double cleansing is necessary and the best double cleansing products. Trust us, the results are worth it.

What Is Double Cleansing?

The name pretty much explains everything: You cleanse your skin once, then go in and cleanse a little more. The double cleansing method dates back as far as the 14th century and originated in Asia (historical texts in China, Korea and Japan detail this ritual being performed by women). Centuries ago, women removed thick layers of face powders and face paints with the use of cleansing oils. This wouldn’t take off everything, so this cleansing process was followed by a wash with a foaming cleanser.

Today the process remains quite similar, down to the double cleansing products. Typically, a facial cleansing oil is applied first to remove any oil-based makeup or residue. Then a gentle foaming cleanser is applied to the skin to remove any remaining impurities and water-based makeup. Double cleansing provides a more in-depth cleansing experience. Washing your face once may leave build-up and makeup traces on your skin, but washing it twice ensures everything has been removed.

Can You Use Micellar Water for Double Cleansing?

Yes, you can definitely use micellar water for double cleansing. Micellar water is a no-rinse cleanser that uses micelles, which act like a magnet to gently lift dirt and makeup off skin. You can use it alone or, if you want to incorporate it into your double cleanse method, as the first cleanse before following it with a foamy or milky cleanser.

Why Is Double Cleansing Necessary?

The double cleansing method makes your skin truly clean — not just makeup-free. Whatever product you apply after cleansing will be better absorbed by your skin. (Find the best cleanser for you here.) That means your essence, serum, dark spot corrector or moisturizer can fully work its magic on freshly cleansed skin.

When Should You Double Cleanse?

Double cleansing is necessary anytime you’re wearing a lot of makeup or have a lot of sweat and impurities on your face. It’s the perfect nighttime ritual before you go to bed.

How Do You Do the Double Cleansing Method?

To start, you need the right double cleansing products. Start by using a facial oil cleanser or micellar water, which is made up of water-soluble lipid molecules, to remove your makeup. Garnier SkinActive’s Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-One Makeup Remover & Cleanser removes makeup and is compatible with all skin types. Next, use the best cleanser for your skin type and massage it on your skin in an upward motion. Rinse everything off your face. Your skin should be free of cosmetics, sebum, sweat and dirt, which makes it the perfect canvas for your next product. Apply a serum, then your moisturizer of choice.