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How to get Yummy Coconut Oil Benefits for your Hair & Skin

Is coconut oil good for hair? What does coconut oil do for your hair and skin? How can I use more of this yummy wonder-ingredient in my beauty regimen? Read on to find out how to crack the nutty benefits of coconut oil on hair and skin.

What Is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil—also known as cocos nucifera—is an oil made from the inner fibers of coconuts. Once the inner flesh of the coconut dries out, it’s then cold-pressed to release its oil, which is a semi-solid texture not so different from petroleum jelly.

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No one would blame you for confusing coconut oil with its cousins, coconut milk and coconut water—especially as coconut water has its own beauty benefits. But the three couldn’t be more different, and are definitely not interchangeable. While coconut oil is pressed or extracted from the inner flesh of the coconut, coconut milk is created by macerating that inner flesh and soaking it in water (and, sometimes, even in coconut water). Coconut water, on the other hand, is the clear liquid found in young, green coconuts.

In the beauty realm, coconut oil first became common in the manufacturing of soap, thanks to its moisturizing properties. Since then, it’s only gained popularity, and is now used as an ingredient in the formulas of a wide array of beauty products.

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How to Choose the Best Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin

There are a few different ways to manufacture coconut oil, and that process matters when trying to figure out what coconut oil product is right for you. If coconut oil is deemed “refined”, this means that it was bleached, heated, or treated with chemicals. The alternative is cold-pressed extraction, during which those valuable fatty acids and antioxidants are more likely to remain intact. Your best bet: Look for sustainably-sourced, cold-pressed coconut oil in your beauty product formulas.

Coconut Oil for Hair

What does coconut oil do for your hair? As an awesome addition to your hair care routine, coconut oil hair products from shampoo bars to hair masks will help you to tap into those yummy coconut oil benefits.
Starting with the feel-good factor: stash a coconut oil conditioner and shampoo in your shower, and the relaxing scent can help to transport you straight to the tropics. (No flight needed!)

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Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair

Is coconut oil good for your hair? The hair benefits of coconut oil have been appreciated by beauty lovers since antiquity, and more recently confirmed by science. Its moisturizing properties can help provide hydration to most hair types. Because coconut oil in hair is able to easily penetrate into the hair shaft, it absorbs better than other oils.

If you want to go the extra mile, you should incorporate coconut oil hair care into every step of your routine.

Coconut Oil for Skin

Before diving into the details of coconut oil benefits for your skin, it’s worth thinking back—maybe way, way back—to biology class. (Or, alternately, your last visit to the dermatologist.) The top layer of skin can help provide a protective barrier made up of lipids to help protect the skin from outside aggressors like pollution and bacteria. It can also help keep the good stuff, like moisture, in the skin where it belongs. If this barrier becomes compromised or damaged by these external aggressors, moisture can seep out of skin, which may lead to dry-looking skin.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Skin

Research shows that skincare products formulated with coconut oil may help to improve the look of dry, rough skin. Coconut oil acts like a shield for the skin, providing a protective barrier against toxins, dirt and pollution. When applied regularly, coconut oil can improve the skin’s softness and texture over time. 

Thanks to its soothing, calming effect, some experts recommend coconut oil for scalp irritation and dryness. If you’re reluctant to rub coconut oil directly onto your scalp, opt for a scalp treatment like Curl Multi-Use Oil.

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How to use Coconut Oil for Skin

All the properties that make coconut oil good for hair mean that it’s a popular choice in skincare, too. As with the hair, coconut oil penetrates easily into the skin, making it an effective moisturizer, hand cream or lip salve. A word of caution: if you have oily skin, you should avoid applying coconut oil directly onto your skin, as it can block pores. Similarly, if you have sensitive skin, use coconut oil with caution. It’s good practice to always test the product on a small area of skin first. 

Allergy warning: Coconut oil should be avoided if you have nut allergies.

If you’re not allergic to coconut, you can chow down on coconut oil benefits by adding it as an ingredient in your diet. With coconut oil now a pantry staple, eating and cooking with coconut oil is a neat way to incorporate the beneficial nutrients of coconut oil for hair and skin.

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