Should you use cleanser during or after showering - Garnier SkinActive Should you use cleanser during or after showering - Garnier SkinActive

Cleanser: should you use it during or after showering?

When do you like to wash your face? Some people love to cleanse while they are in the shower. Others keep their cleansing routines categorically separate. There are lots of arguments for and against either side, and the decision comes down to personal preference. We’re looking at some arguments from both sides to help you make a decision on which way is right for you.

Cleansing In The Shower


- Speed: When you cleanse in the shower you’re killing two birds with one stone. This is especially important in the morning when you’re pressed for time but still want to clean your face. Cleansing in the shower certainly cuts down on extra time, plus you don’t have to do any additional prep work such as tying up your hair or prepping your sink area.

- Opens Pores: Showers produce steam and steam can gently open your pores. There’s a reason why every spa uses a steamer! Steam can help dirt, oil or excess sebum release from your pores so when you are cleansing you are really getting a deep cleanse.

- Ease of Use: In the shower you have lots of space and don’t have to worry about your cleanser getting on the floor or in your hair.


- Hot Water: Hot water is the enemy of healthy skin as it dries it out and can interfere with its barrier function. Avoid splashing very hot water on your face if you want to avoid stripping it or unnecessarily dehydrating skin.

- Duration: You probably wouldn’t wash your face for more than a few minutes standing by a sink but in the shower your skin could be in constant contact with warm water for several minutes. This could remove necessary oils and harm your skin’s barrier function as you are removing too much moisture from your skin.

Cleansing After Shower


- Shampoo and Conditioner won’t touch your face: Multitasking can be good but cleansing your face and using shampoo/conditioner at the same time can allow some crossover between products. This might make your skin oilier particularly if you use deep conditioning hair products. Keeping products separate ensures that you aren’t accidentally irritating your skin with fragrant shampoos or conditioners.

- Can Moisturize Immediately After: If you cleanse your skin over a sink you can rinse off and immediately apply moisturizer thereafter. The best practice is to apply moisturizer when skin is still damp.


- Time-consuming: Separating your shower and cleansing routine doubles the time spent in your regimen. If you’re really pressed for time you may end up skipping washing your face which is a big no no if you want to keep your skin happy and healthy-looking.

- Don’t get the steam effect of open pores: You only get the steam room effect in the shower. Your pores may not open with your sink routine so you’re missing out on the deep clean your skin may otherwise get in the shower.