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3 types of cleansers perfect for dry skin

You can help alleviate dry skin from becoming drier, tight, or cracked by practicing good skin care habits. Be careful when cleansing dry skin — using the wrong product can dehydrate it even more. Finding the right cleansing product and sticking with it creates a solid foundation for a healthy skin care routine. By knowing which products suit your skin best, you can helprestore moisture to skin and help improve your skin’s barrier function. We’ve identified three cleansers that are perfectly compatible with dry skin.

1. Oil Cleanser

Since you have dry skin you shouldn’t shy away from using oil as a cleanser. It’s a great, gentle way to clean your skin and maintain the skin’s balance. Oil cleansers are effective because they are filled with oil particles that attract and break down make up, sebum, oil, sweat and dirt on your face without interfering with your skin’s barrier function. In this process oil attracts other oils and breaks them down by dissolving them without drying your skin. Look out for cleansers that feature oils such as avocado, macadamia, jojoba or coconut oil to use on your skin. Read our guide to cleansing with oil here.

2. Micellar Water

Micellar water is an awesome all-in-1 product that removes impurities from your face. With the pour of the water onto a cotton round you can cleanse your entire face and remove all traces of makeup, without rinsing. Micellar water contains micelles which absorb and remove make up, sweat, oil and dirt like a magnet. It’s the perfect way to cleanse your skin after a long day (when you really really want to just go to bed) or when you’re traveling and in need of a quick and easy skin care routine. As an added bonus it won’t dry out skin, which makes it perfectly compatible for your skin type. Simply pour onto a cotton pad, press against your skin for a few seconds, then wipe to clean your face. Follow with a moisturizer and you can be ready for bed within a few minutes. Garnier SkinActive’s Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Make Up Remover and Cleanser will do the trick and get your skin clean and feeling soft super fast.

3. Cleansing Milk

When in doubt, a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser such as Garnier SkinActive’s Clean +Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser are a good cleansing option. It dissolves waterproof mascara and will restore moisture and balance back to your skin all without fragrance, dyes or alcohol. Use a nickel-sized amount on a cotton pad and gently wipe your face to remove any make up, oil or sweat from your face.