The easiest braid you'll ever updo

A braided crown updo only looks complicated. This milkmaid braid-inspired style is easy to learn—and it works as well for a hot day as it does as a prom hairstyle. If you’re looking to loosen up, opt for the how-to-get-messy-beach-waves-tutorial. They’re tousled, casual, and just as simple to create. And for a look that’s a little more polished, check out the how-to-do-a-low-knot-bun-hairstyle-tutorial. All you need is a hair tie, hairspray, and a few bobby pins. For even more style inspiration, explore the Hair Style Hub, which is packed with cute hairstyles for curly hair, air dry styles, and sleek blowouts.

Five Step Braided Crown Updo

apply smooth blow dry to ends

Apply Smooth Blow Dry to dry ends

Use a comb to part hair straight down the middle, clipping the right side up.

begin braiding at ear level working upwards
Garnier Fructis Beach Texture Tease Style

Texture Tease Dry Touch Finishing Spray

Begin braiding at ear level, working upwards

Pull tight from start to finish. Continue braiding down your hair as far as you possibly can.

flip braid across head

Flip braid across top of head

Placing a finger at the base of your braid, near your ear, to help position the braid, flip your braid over your head. Then stretch the braid across the top of the head and pin down.

pin ends and repeat

Pin ends and repeat

Pin the end down against the head so it feels secure, then repeat on the right side. When you cross the second braid over the top, be sure to tuck the tail end under the first braid.

pinch and pull braids

Pinch and pull braids to add volume

Then set with Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray.