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The 5 best bedtime rituals for optimal beauty sleep

If you can’t sleep, your bedtime rituals could be to blame. Just as you have a morning ritual to help wake your body up in the morning, you need good nighttime habits to ease your body into sleep. If you want to know how to fall asleep fast and improve your overall sleep, try incorporating these bedtime behaviors into your nightly routine.

1. Get Lost in a Book

One of the best ways to forget about your daily stresses is to lose yourself in a good book. Set aside 15-20 minutes before bed for reading time. Make sure your pre-bedtime reading consists of a heavy diet of fiction to let the mind escape and save the non-fiction books, which train the brain to start planning and projecting, for your daily commute.

2. Save the Bedroom For Sleeping

The more activities you do in the bedroom, the less your body will associate it with pure sleep time. Choose another room in your house for work, watching TV and web surfing. Experts say that reserving your bed for sleeping rather than using it as a second desk will help train your mind and body to associate it with fatigue.

3. Be Consistent With Your Bedtime

It’s easy to lose track of time at night, but sticking to the same bedtime every night does wonders for your beauty sleep. Consistency tells your body exactly what time it should go to sleep—and the same goes for wake up time. When your body is trained to shut down at the same time every night, it drifts into a restful sleep like clockwork. By regulating your body’s clock, you will fall asleep—and stay asleep—a lot easier.

4. Don’t Go to Bed Full—or Hungry

Letting your body digest a full meal at least three hours before bedtime will prevent any sleep disruptions caused by an upset stomach or any sugar highs. On the other hand, going to bed with a rumble in your tummy can also keep you from precious REM time. If you’re hungry before bedtime, eat something healthy that won’t affect your blood sugar levels, such as an apple or a banana or a small serving of nuts.

5. Take a Hot Bath

It’s hard to argue with the relaxation benefits of a hot bath and there is some real science to support the fact that tub time before bed can help you get 7-9 hours of beauty sleep. Body temperature naturally falls in the evening. When you raise your body temperature with a hot bath at night—ideally about two hours before bedtime—the steeper drop of your internal temperature can ease you into a deeper sleep.