bloggers applying olia hair color bloggers applying olia hair color

Watch 3 Bloggers Color Hair at Home with Garnier Olia Hair Color

Influencers help us learn how to apply makeup, style the season’s trendiest fashions, and now, dye hair at home. We asked Steph, Kamila, and Gaby to dye their hair using their very own Olia Ammonia-Free haircolor. Watch how each blogger created her new signature hair look.

How Steph went back to her natural color using Olia

After trying different hair colors, Influencer Steph Willis finally got back to her shiny, black hair color. Watch the at-home dye routine and learn how Steph uses Olia permanent hair dye to keep hair healthy and natural looking.

How Kamila got the pink hair color of her dreams

Kamila Bravo and Garnier colorist Patty Slattery explain exactly how to create a beautiful ombre rose balayage effect using Olia Dark Rose Quartz.

Cómo Gaby encontró su color perfecto con Garnier Shade Selector

Mira a Gabi Aleixandre tranformó su cabello de marrón a amethyst en su propio baño dando le un neuvo look muy chic.