Garnier Hair Color Example Blue Hair Color Styling Ideas Garnier Hair Color Example Blue Hair Color Styling Ideas

9 blue hairstyles: blue hair color & hair dye ideas

Let’s start with the good news: You know you want to dye your hair blue. With the plethora of rainbow hair colors to choose from, it’s an exciting step to narrow down all the options into a favorite hair color. Now comes the really creative part: Choosing a blue hairstyle. From all-over blue hair color to blue highlights to a blue ombre, there are plenty of ways to rock blue in your hair. You can even work with multiple hair color shades for a spectrum-inspired look. Ahead, some of our favorite ways to incorporate blue hair dye into your hairstyle.

Blue Ombre Hair

This gradient hairstyle is best known for light hair color that subtly moves into darker hair color, but it’s not just for natural hair colors. Keep your hair natural at the roots and add a pastel blue to dark blue gradient to the hair tips, keep things bright with gradually darker hair color shades of teal, or choose a denim ombre that moves from light, ashy blue of your favorite pair of jeans to the bold dark blue of brand new denim.

Blue Colombre Hair

Trending colombre looks take the gradient hairstyle of ombre and up it with all-over rainbow hair color. Take your hair color from a silvery gray to a bold royal blue or a platinum blonde to indigo. No matter what hair colors you choose, one thing is for sure: this hairstyle will turn heads.

Blue Dip Dye Hair

Get just as much punch with half as much blue hair dye. Color just the hair tips in your favorite shade, or add an even bigger pop of color to hair that’s already bleached or highlighted. The look evokes hair that’s been dipped in a pot of brightly colored ink, and it’s even more powerful when hair is up in a ponytail.

Blue Highlights

Highlights aren’t just for natural-colored hair. Add a bit of blue to your hair strands with a highlighted hairstyle. We love the hand-painted balayage technique to capture the freedom and fun that comes with blue hair dye.

Two-Toned Blue Hair

Can’t choose between multiple rainbow hair color shades? Use them all in a colorblock strategy that will turn your hair into a colorful puzzle. We love teal and indigo together, or light and dark denim as complementary colors.

Blue and Purple Hair

Pair blue hair dye with purple, its rainbow buddy. Indigo and violet hair color shades work well together. Opt for highlights that feature both colors or a blended gradient that shows off the best of each hair color shade.

Blue Hair with Rainbow Hair Tips

Sometimes one rainbow hair color just isn’t enough. Finish off your blue hair color with a contrasting shade on the hair tips for ultimate rainbow power. We love pastel blue hair color, pastel pink hair tips, or teal hair color with bright green hair tips to evoke a Caribbean sea.

Geode Hair

This purple, blue, and pink hairstyle is already all over social media. Inspired by the inside of a precious gemstone, dye your hair in iridescent layers of rich hair color. Pair it with a shimmering silver eyeshadow to finish off the crystallized look.

Blue Hair Color All Over

Lastly and most importantly, there’s all-over blue color. We recommend this look when you love one shade of blue hair dye so much that you can’t imagine your hair strands any other way. Whether it’s a light denim or a daring indigo hair color, all-over blue hair dye will satisfy your hair color cravings.