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Your perfect hotel skin care routine

Traveling can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming, so once you get to your hotel you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief. After your skin experiences all that dry air on the plane, bus or train, itmay feel tight. Even when you’re far away from home you can still maintain a great skin care routine, it just takes a little time and planning. We’ve come up with an easy routine that allows you to maintain a beautiful complexion even if you don’t have all of your beauty products on hand. Here’s to making your hotel bathroom your own skin care spa.

Step #1 Bring The Perfect Skin Care Package

Packing the right products is the first step in your hotel skin care routine. You don’t want to bring a lot of products, especially not full-sized ones when you’re traveling with a carry-on. Fill your products into travel-sized containers so that you have everything you need but aren’t bogged down. Traveling is also a great time to use one-off products like moisturizer, cleanser or exfoliator samples. Another great item to travel with? Sheet masks. Your travel kit should at the minimum include cleanser, moisturizer and SPF but masks, exfoliators and serums can really help maintain your skin’s health while on the road.

Step #2 Deep Clean and Hydrate

Traveling is tough on skin and after being exposed to the arid air of a plane cabin or free radical-filled smog when you traveling in a city you might think the best thing for your skin is to just let it rest. However it’s important you cleanse your skin thoroughly before you go to bed. Use a cleansing milk, micellar water or rinseable cleanser on your skin and gently massage away dirt and pollutants. If you want to really deep clean use a micellar water first, then cleanse with foam cleanser. This technique is called double cleansing, check it out here.

Then apply a hydrating moisturizer that will replenish and restore your skin overnight. For dry skin we recommend a product that’s nourishing and filled with ceramides. This will allow it to absorb moisture and build up its natural barrier. For oily skin use something gel-based so it gets hydration without overstimulating skin into excess oil production. For sensitive skin, stick with something gentle and replenishing that’s paraben and fragrance-free.

Step #3 Get Lots of H20

Our bodies get extremely parched while we travel, because we’re usually too busy or forget to properly hydrate. That can easily show on your skin the next day when your skin is looking dull and less radiant than usual. Use your downtime before bedtime to hydrate with water and fill up on thirst-quenching antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables such as citrus, leafy greens and berries. Your body will be able to flush out toxins, balance dry skin and fight off free radicals.

Step #4 Scrub

It’s day two and you’ve woken up with blemish-free skin but it could still use a little glow. What do you do? Exfoliate, of course — it’s the number one way to get rid of dead skin cells and help achieve clean, glowing skin. Use a gentle scrub such as Clean + Invigorating Daily Scrub from Garnier and gently massage your skin to remove skin cells and impurities from the surface of your skin and wash off with lukewarm water. Now your skin is a clean, perfect canvas.

Step #5 Apply a Sleeping Mask

Another way to supercharge hydration and clear skin efforts is with a sleeping mask. We recommend a sleeping cream such as Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream Anti-Age + Anti-Fatigue Night Cream. No matter how much sleep you get your skin will look fresh and dewy as if you got a full night’s rest. If being on the road has taken a toll on you and you can see fine lines and your skin feels less taught than usual this sleeping mask will help that as well. You’ll wake up with younger-looking, glowing skin.

With five easy steps you can maintain a great skin care routine for your skin — you will hydrate, replenish, restore and brighten your skin. You will never travel without your mini beauty arsenal again once you see how easy it is to maintain a great regime while on the road.