Are you a jetsetter?  Learn a skin routine to use when flying in an airplane - Garnier SkinActive Are you a jetsetter?  Learn a skin routine to use when flying in an airplane - Garnier SkinActive

Jetsetter: your airplane skin care routine

Traveling? Super fun. How your skin feels during and after a long flight? Not so fun. Airplanes are notorious for their dry air conditions which suck moisture from your skin and leave it feeling parched, irritated, and prone to breakouts.

If you still want your skin to look great after a long-haul flight but want to keep things simple, we have the perfect guide for you. Follow these steps and you’ll arrive at your destination gorgeous.

Step #1 The Beauty Bag Embark

Always travel with a makeup remover on hand so that you clean your skin of make up and dead skin cells and prime it to absorb moisture. Micellar water is your perfect companion for a trip — with just a few cotton pads you can take off all of your make up and achieve a really deep clean, even without a sink. Also remember to pack a hydrating moisturizer, mist spray for hydration touchups, and lip balm. Before you travel, make sure you put all items in a bag and that none of the products exceeds 3.4 ounces (100 ml). There are few things worse than having to throw away a good product just because it’s over the TSA size regulations.

Step #2 Clean Up Your Face

Don’t settle into your flight fully.  This means no sleep/movie/dinner time before you take time cleanse your face. Use the micellar water you packed previously all over your face, skin, eyes, eyebrows, lips if you’re wearing makeup.  Repeat until all traces of makeup are gone.

Step #3 Apply a Mask or Moisturizer

Fight the desert-like dryness in the airplane cabin with a hydrating moisturizer. If your skin is dry, we recommend a sleeping cream such as Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream Anti-Age + Anti-Fatigue Night Cream. No matter how much actual sleep you get, your skin will look fresh and dewy as if you got eight hours of ZZZs.

Step #4 Hydrate From Within

If you feel parched your skin will look parched, so make sure you drink plenty of water during the plane ride. Avoid consuming too much alcohol — it will only make you more dehydrated and groggy before you get to your destination. It certainly won’t do anything for your complexion. Say no to the booze, drink plenty of water, and try to get some sleep after your skin care routine to arrive looking beautiful.