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What Are the Different Types of Hair Bleach?

People have been dyeing their hair since the Egyptians began hiding their gray with henna over 3,500 years ago. Yet, bleaching hair to lighter shades didn’t really catch on until the 1930s.

The last century has seen many advances in types of hair bleach, from classic bleach and peroxide rinses to ammonia-free hair bleach and hair bleach powder. While all these formulas effectively lighten hair, repeated use is notorious for potentially damaging the texture and health of your hair. By all accounts, anyone looking to go blond really needs to know the right way to bleach hair at home.

Charcoal Bleach

Good thing there’s a new formula on the block: charcoal bleach. While it may sound like an oxymoron, deep black charcoal is a natural ingredient that actually makes hair many shades lighter. It offers some other surprising benefits as well, and is now being touted as the best type of hair bleach. 

We delve into all the deets below. But first, a look at some facts everyone’s ‘dyeing’ to know: exactly what is hair bleach?

What is charcoal bleach for hair - Garnier

Is Charcoal Bleach Better for Your Hair?

Now for the big reveal: what is charcoal bleach for hair? This permanent hair bleach definitely shines where all other bleaching agents fall short. That’s precisely why Garnier has introduced new Nutrisse Ultra Color Lightening Crème with Pure Charcoal.

Activated charcoal has already made its debut to rave reviews for use on skin because it draws out impurities and soaks up excess oil and buildup. When added to hair bleach, it has the same effects while detoxifying to give the lightening process a clean slate. It’s also known to volumize hair and boost growth. And that’s not all!

We’ve combined this eco-friendly and odorless star ingredient with ultra cool lift technology to create our most advanced at-home hair bleaching kit. It has the power to lift red undertones and very dark hair to their blondest heights yet! Plus, it neutralizes with a deep blue conditioner fortified with five nourishing fruit oils that zaps any brass and stops breakage.

Is charcoal bleach better for your hair - Garnier

Now that you know that Nutrisse Charcoal Bleach leaves all the other hair bleach in the dust, why would you try anything else? But before you take the plunge, we suggest taking your desired shades for a test drive on our Virtual Hair Color Try-On Tool.

Hair Color Virtual Try-On

Hair Color Virtual Try-On

Virtually try on Garnier hair colors to discover your perfect shade.

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