Garnier Hair Color Example Autumn Hair Shade Woman Wavy Hair Garnier Hair Color Example Autumn Hair Shade Woman Wavy Hair

What hair color gives you that autumn glow

There's nothing quite like that first whiff of crisp autumn air each year to remind you of the magic of fall -- well, maybe nothing except a fresh new hair color that captures the warmth and richness of the season's fiery hues! As you anticipate months decorated with vibrant fallen leaves, golden afternoons, bright orange pumpkins and juicy Macintosh apples hanging heavily in the orchards, it's easy to get a sense for the chromatic theme in question. Autumn is dominated by deep, warm tones, and luckily, they're just perfect for inspiring stunning fall hair colors. Pick your favorite shade, and unleash your inner autumn glow with a gorgeous new hair color this season.

So Many Shades To Choose From

Despite what you may think, there's no single autumn-appropriate hair color. While most people automatically think of reds when imagining fall shades, the truth is warmth is key -- reflect the seasonal tones, and go for shades that include hints of gold, auburn, and copper. While rich reds are certainly striking, you can turn just as many heads with the right shade of rich golden honey or warm chestnut. Play around with the colors, and allow the landscape to inspire you. How about a luxurious mahogany or a subtle, light golden brown that glimmers in the autumn sunset?

Keep in mind that it's important to think of your skin tone when selecting your autumn-inspired hair dye. You can consult with the Garnier shade selector tool to determine your best color.

Adding Dimension

Don't feel the need to stick to an all-over coloring job; in fact, if you employ a special effect when dying your hair you can create added depth and dimension, which will further draw out the beauty of your natural skin tone and facial features. There's nothing that says fall like the outdoorsy, healthy look of grown-out highlights that make it seem as if you spent your summer swimming and surfing in the ocean or driving around in a convertible with the top down. Of course, Garnier makes it easy to get that look at home by employing the sombre style or a little tasteful balayage. Check out our series of how-to videos to find out how you can achieve these looks right in your own bathroom!

The possibilities for illuminating that ethereal autumn aura are endless.